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How do we gain exposure for our products and put them in front of influential bloggers?

Gear Reviews

No matter how successful your brand becomes, you will always need to get your product in the hands of influential bloggers. We’ve made that process easier for cottage manufacturers, small brands, and established brands launching a new product. Trail Sherpa’s network of outdoor bloggers gets your product seen. Our network of blogs drive more than 40,000 unique visitors each month. Plus, all Gear Reviews are syndicated to the Trail Sherpa main site, increasing exposure.
Our Network: ALittleCampy | 100Peaks | TalesofaMountainMama | WildernessDave | AdventureTykes | The Active Explorer


How do we design a website that can highlight our products and drive sales online?

Web Design

Our approach to web design is anchored by the desire to create a rewarding social experience for visitors. Your prospective customers will spend more time on your site if you give them a chance to interact with you while they’re there. We design every website to be responsive ad SEO friendly. Your site will look great on any device guaranteed.
More info: Web Design Portfolio


How do we make our brand stand out? What can we do to be different?

Brand Spotlights

Our Brand Spotlight campaign is a great way to present your brand and products for a full month through a series of brand stories, product videos, and image galleries. Brands are featured on the Trail Sherpa home page, on a dedicated brand page, in stories and gear reviews, and through social channels. Why settle for the typical gear review when you could discuss your brand and the inspiration behind the latest version of your product with the entire Trail Sherpa network of readers?


How do we use our website and social assets to engage our customers and drive sales?

Digital Strategy Guidance

There is no shortcut to the summit but a sound digital strategy is the first step for your brand. You need a strategy for sharing your story, engaging the right audience, and leading the discussions that matter for your brand online. We’ll help you define actionable strategies for SEO, content and messaging, and blogger outreach for successful link building. When we’re done, you’ll have a truly informed digital strategy with clearly defined goals, tactics, and metrics to promote and measure the success of your online efforts.