Trail Report: Griffith Peak

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Trail Details

  • Time on Trail: 5 hrs
  • City / State: Mt Charleston Wilderness, Spring Mountain /
  • Distance: 8.25 miles
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Elevation: +/- 3800ft.
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This was my first summit hike on Griffith Peak, 11,072 feet, 8.25 miles roundtrip and 3800 vertical feet of elevation gain. Nice weather, cool, but windy near the summit. Took 5 hours to complete the hike and it was my first summit above 11,000 feet. Griffith Peak is the third highest peak in southern Nevada. Well worth the effort, but pace yourself early if you’re not used to the elevation or it will wear you out quickly.

Trail Description

The first two miles of this trip were difficult, I thought. It takes awhile for me to get my rhythm and most of the first two miles is spent gaining elevation. We made frequent stops. This first section reaches the Echo Cliffs and the views are spectacular. I think this section alone is worthwhile for those that don’t want to make the full summit hike. There are great views of the town of Mt Charleston below, the Avalanche Chute, and even Mummy Mountain.

As we gained more elevation, the landscape changed to more of a meadow with less trees and more grasses. This opened up the view and made for better photos too! The push to the saddle seemed a bit easier than the opening section for me. I think I found my second wind and was able to pace myself and my breathing a little better.

Once on the saddle, the weather changed. It was noticeably cooler and the wind was stiff. We layered up and made the left turn for the Griffith Peak summit. The elevation at the saddle is above 10,700 feet and we had already covered about 4 miles.

The push to the summit is steep and well marked, but climbs more than 300 vertical feet. It didn’t take long with the adrenaline pumping and the desire to tackle my first 11,000+ summit. Once on the summit, we signed the book, ate a quick lunch and started the descent. The wind was too much of a pain to stay up there for long.

This hike is one of my favorites and one of the more accessible summits in southern Nevada.

Trail Photos

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Trail Notes

I hate when trailheads are flat and your first step is uphill! This is one of those hikes. You seem to be gaining all the way. I found the first 2 miles and the last .25 mile to the summit to be the most challenging. My knees are shot from years of playing basketball and I certainly felt it on the descent. It's worth taking your time coming down. There will be photos that you missed on the way up and the knees will appreciate the rest every so often.

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