Trail Report: Calico Basin Loop

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Trail Details


The Calico Basin Loop is a great option if you have limited time or want to get as much of a workout as you can in a short distance. The Loop gives aggressive hikers a little bit of everything including flats, scrambles, a steep uphill section, great views, and a downhill finish (if you take the left saddle to start and finish on the right). With an aggressive pace you could finish this hike in under 3 hours and get a great workout.

Trail Description

A spring feeds the basin and there are unexpected grasses and trees in the lower section that I refer to as the “Serengeti”.

From the basin there are several routes, including a steep climb up a chute to Calico Tanks. But the main loop climbs one of the two saddles, around the back, and down the other saddle. There is a ton of red rock, lots of outcroppings, and a hawk of some kind that hunts in the cover of the basin. The Calico Loop is a great workout that takes about 3 hours.

There are other options from either saddle that make it easy to extend the trip. You can access Gateway and Brownstone Canyons. Those are two diversions worth exploring if you have the time.

Trail Photos

Trail Notes

I love the Calico Basin Loop. It's just outside the Red Rock Loop which is a fee area (but I get the yearly pass for $20 - great value!). It's just 30 minutes from Green Valley to the trailhead.

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