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Base Theme Development

We’ll be developing a clean, base theme from which we can create a unique, one-of-a-kind site for everyone that’s modern, fast, and professional.

Single Site Theme Development

Once the base theme is completed, we’ll work with each site to create a new layout, design, and look for each respective site. Once we finish a site, we’ll roll it out live and move onto the next site.

Plugin Clean-up & Updating

While designing the new themes for each site, we’ll also be replacing functionality that isn’t either required or that needs to be updated. Because of this, there will be lots of old plugins left behind. We’ll then go through and clean them out to make sure everything is orderly.

Clean Monetization

We’ll then monetize the sites and help you promote them, as well as push forth policies and ideas to get your sites growing.

Site Speed Audits & Optimization

Once the new site designs are live, we’ll then do a site speed audit and optimize as needed. This includes code reviews, plugin reviews, as well as database cleaning.