Own the Trail

Own the Trail

The Trail Sherpa mission is to inspire people to explore new places, document and share their experiences, and foster preservation of our wild places for those that hit the trail after us.

At Trail Sherpa we believe that in order to fully experience the trail you must own the trail.  But it doesn’t come easily, it takes a conscious effort to own the trail.

  • Be physically prepared – Owning the trail begins with the physical fitness to tackle what the trail will dish out.
  • Choose the proper gear – Just because you own a piece of gear doesn’t mean that it should always be in your pack.
  • Research your route – Knowing your route and alternatives will prevent you from making costly wrong turns and from expending extra effort.
  • Respect mother nature – Your best plan for a day hike or multi-day backpacking trip can be changed at a moment’s notice by Mother Nature herself.  Be prepared to change your plan.
  • Have a Plan B – You need to have a Plan B ready when Mother Nature, trail conditions, physical strains or injuries, or any number of other factors force you consider alternatives.
  • Don’t sacrifice unnecessarily – Everyone wants to lighten their pack weight.  But owning the trail comes from finding a way to carry less and still get a great night’s sleep or cook a great meal on the trail.
  • Leave No Trace – Own the trail by leaving it in better condition than you found it.
  • Be true to your own rhythm – Everyone can own the trail in their own way and at their own pace.  Look for the things in each step on trail that keep you coming back.
  • Preserve your experiences – Preserving our wild places may be the greatest legacy we can give to future generations.  Own the trail by documenting and preserving your own trail experiences and share them with others.


Team Trail Sherpa is very active online.  We tell our stories, share the stories from other hikers and backpackers, and want to highlight the best of trail life.  We often use the #OwnTheTrail hashtag on Facebook and Twitter to highlight when someone has demonstrated the qualities we’ve outlined above.  We find stories daily of hikers who own the trail in their own way and the hashtag is our way of sharing those stories.
You can search the #OwnTheTrail hashtag or follow Trail Sherpa on Twitter.  You can even use the hashtag yourself to share your stories.  We’d love to hear about how you own the trail!