The Geigerrig Mom Pack Redefines Diaper Bag Backpacks

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Geigerrig hydration technology meets the everyday demands of active moms with the introduction of the new hydration-ready RIG MOM, a new twist on diaper bag backpacks. Diaper bag backpacks are nothing new, but Geigerrig is redefining the standard with the integration of a 2L hydration engine, a well thought out diaper pad, and a pack that is keenly organized for parents on the go.

Behind The Scenes With Geigerrig

Diaper bags are changing the adventure of parenthood

By: Amelia, Mountain Mama
Diaper bags are one of those things that every new mom decides she absolutely needs….and then often ends up in the back of a closet because it isn’t as functional as she wanted or her carefully planned baby organization goes out the window. Not to mention that after the kids are out of diapers, the bag becomes immediately worthless. Consignment stores are jam-packed with them. Apparently, no one wants to keep on carrying that bag (that is obviously for diapers and nothing else.)… more

Technical Specs

The RIG MOM diaper bag backpack is everything you expect from Geigerrig and more:

  • Plug-n-play 2 liter pressurized hydration system
  • Filter ready
  • 2 plastic coated, insulated side pockets
  • 1 large side pocket with mesh divider for two bottles
  • 1 fleece lined side pocket
  • Front organizer pocket with key chain attachment and pen holder
  • 2 Stroller connectors for easy attachment on the stroller handle
  • Straps are designed with internal pockets for drink tube and pressure bulb
  • Fold out, changing pad with integrated mesh pockets for diapers and wipes
  • 1600 cubic inches of storage capacity
  • Constructed from heavy duty dura-oxkin

Gallery: A look at the Geigerrig Mom Pack

Sherpa Reviews of the Geigerrig Mom Pack

Gear Review: Geigerrig Mom’s Pack

By: Amelia, Mountain Mama
Geigerrig has hit a brand new market with its introduction of the Mom’s Pack. A pack made specifically for the needs of parents (with babies and younger children) on the go, this one certainly packs a punch…more

GeigerRig introduces the Ultimate Backpack for parents…

By: Wilderness Dave
Seeing as there are no Wilderness Babies yet in the Wilderness Dave household, I had to reach out to couple of close friends to get this one tested. GeigerRig has attacked the mommy market with their…more

Geigerrig Mom Pack – Outdoor Pack Collides with Diaper Bag

By: Melissa, AdentureTykes
Geigerrig who has developed a full line of ‘Never Suck Again’ hydration packs has brought their technology into the world of parenthood with their brand new Mom Pack. The Mom Pack is a backpack where …more

Gear Review: Geigerrig Mom Pack

By: Tim Miner
The RIG MOM, also known around here as the Geigerrig mom pack, has been heavily anticipated in my house for months. I heard rumors of it late last year and finally got my hands on one just after the New Year…more

The Mom Pack in Action

About Geigerrig

g-logoGeigerrig makes award-winning hydration packs that are suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, fishing, or running. Geigerrig has created performance enhancing hydration packs and inline water filters for those who work and play in the great outdoors! Carry a GEIGERRIG hydration pack, and You’ll Never Suck Again.

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