Trail Report: Summiting Bridge Mountain

I first hiked Bridge Mountain in April 2010 and failed to complete the hike.  You can read about that attempt here.  I was out of shape, no experience with Class 3 climbing techniques, and fully exhausted after the initial 150 ft climb.  This attempt … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Ewing Trail to White Rocks at Cumberland Gap National Historic Park

 The Ewing Trail up to White Rocks in Cumberland Gap NHP, is a strenuous hike that is not to be taken lightly. It's not extremely difficult in technicality, but the terrain and the elevation gain make this hike a challenge. The trail, which starts … [Read more...]

A Week on the John Muir Trail

This summer I spent a week backpacking through one of the most beautiful places on earth -- the John Muir Trail -- with my 15-year-old son. If you have kids, you can imagine how special this time was for me. The trail spans 211 miles, which is … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Watershed Trails in Greensboro, North Carolina

With another sweltering summer in the rear-view mirror down here in Dixie, I hit a section of North Carolina's famed Mountains-to-Sea Trail (hey, it's famous with us) that runs through the Greensboro Watershed. The trails around Lake Townsend and … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Charleston Peak hike

We decided to tackle southern Nevada's highest peak, Charleston Peak, from the Trail Canyon trailhead and then onto the North Loop Trail. We had planned to take the South Loop Trail as late as the night before the hike, but I was concerned about … [Read more...]

Trail Report: First Creek Canyon

I did the First Creek Canyon hike with my friend Brian as a going away hike.  He and his family were making a move to SoCal and this hike was our way to close out a great hiking partnership.  We have tackled many of the big hikes in Red Rock together … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Havasu Falls Backpacking Trip

Trail Description The parking lot at the trailhead is stunning to say the least. It is perched more than 1000 feet above the valley floor and provides one of the best vistas of the trip. The trail starts with a steep descent down the face of the … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Cockscomb Ridge

Highlights First overnight of the year at Mt Charleston! Trail Canyon is beautiful part of the Mt Charleston Wilderness, but this short hike has teeth. The hike is less than 2 miles up to the Cockscomb Ridge but gains nearly 1500 feet in elevation. … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Sedona Loop Hike

Highlights This loop hike covered 14 miles and including the Dry Creek Trail, Bear Sign Trail, David Miller Trail, and Secret Canyon Trail. The views were spectacular from the David Miller Trail and each canyon held a different experience. The upper … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Bristlecone Trail

Highlights The Bristlecone Trail is a 6 mile loop that delivers awesome views and less traffic than many of the trails in Mt Charleston. There is more tree cover too which makes for a more enjoyable trip during the hot summer months. This trip on … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Echo Cliffs

Highlights The South Loop Trail is one of my favorites. But this is the first time that I have set foot on this trail with so much snow still on the ground. We set out with the goal of summitting Griffith Peak but the trail had a different agenda. … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Bridge Mountain

Highlights This is a very difficult hike and those that want to tackle Bridge Mountain should be experienced hikers with basic climbing skills. The ascent of Bridge Mountain includes a high level of exposure and multiple chimney climbs. Trail … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Calico Basin to Brownstone Canyon

Highlights This hike starts in the Calico Basin, climbs to the saddle revealing views of Turtlehead Peak, drops into a wash, connects to Gateway Canyon, and ultimately opens into a very cool trek through white sandstone to the ultimate perch above … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Calico Basin Loop

Highlights The Calico Basin Loop is a great option if you have limited time or want to get as much of a workout as you can in a short distance. The Loop gives aggressive hikers a little bit of everything including flats, scrambles, a steep uphill … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Oak Creek Canyon

Highlights The hike starts with a 1 mile walk across the open desert to the canyon entrance and then the scrambling begins. Boulders line the wash up the canyon, some bigger than a small house. Lots of scrambling and easy climbing. Some of the best … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Trail Canyon to North Loop Trail

Highlights Great hike up Trail Canyon to North Loop Trail and past Cave Spring to an overlook at 11,300 ft of Charleston Peak. This is a great day hike with several backpacking and overnight options. The views will certainly not disappoint. But be … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Griffith Peak

Highlights This was my first summit hike on Griffith Peak, 11,072 feet, 8.25 miles roundtrip and 3800 vertical feet of elevation gain. Nice weather, cool, but windy near the summit. Took 5 hours to complete the hike and it was my first summit above … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Raintree via Trail Canyon to North Loop Trail

Highlights This was a great thru-hike starting at the Trail Canyon Trialhead at 7800 feet, hitting the saddle at 10,000 feet and ending at the North Loop Trailhead at 8300 feet. The total hike was 5.8 miles and we completed it in 4 hours. We took a … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Anniversary Narrows

Highlights The Anniversary Narrows hike is really easy and great for kids. Nice short hike past old borax mines to a 1/4 mile slot canyon. The tough part is driving the narrow dirt roads to get to it. Once on the trail, or a wide open wash as it … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Pine Creek Canyon

Trail Description Pine Creek Canyon is an awesome day hike in Red Rock. It starts off with a short downhill to the wash and then across the open desert. You will pass the Fire Ecology Trail and then reach the Wilson Homestead from the 1920s. The … [Read more...]