Trail Report: Summiting Bridge Mountain

I first hiked Bridge Mountain in April 2010 and failed to complete the hike.  You can read about that attempt here.  I was out of shape, no experience with Class 3 climbing techniques, and fully exhausted after the initial 150 ft climb.  This attempt … [Read more...]

Trail Report: First Creek Canyon

I did the First Creek Canyon hike with my friend Brian as a going away hike.  He and his family were making a move to SoCal and this hike was our way to close out a great hiking partnership.  We have tackled many of the big hikes in Red Rock together … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Bridge Mountain

Highlights This is a very difficult hike and those that want to tackle Bridge Mountain should be experienced hikers with basic climbing skills. The ascent of Bridge Mountain includes a high level of exposure and multiple chimney climbs. Trail … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Calico Basin Loop

Highlights The Calico Basin Loop is a great option if you have limited time or want to get as much of a workout as you can in a short distance. The Loop gives aggressive hikers a little bit of everything including flats, scrambles, a steep uphill … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Oak Creek Canyon

Highlights The hike starts with a 1 mile walk across the open desert to the canyon entrance and then the scrambling begins. Boulders line the wash up the canyon, some bigger than a small house. Lots of scrambling and easy climbing. Some of the best … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Pine Creek Canyon

Trail Description Pine Creek Canyon is an awesome day hike in Red Rock. It starts off with a short downhill to the wash and then across the open desert. You will pass the Fire Ecology Trail and then reach the Wilson Homestead from the 1920s. The … [Read more...]