Wildhorn Spire Helmet Review

When it comes to picking a child’s helmet, there are several things I considered when choosing the Wildhorn Spire. Is it safe, is it easy to use, and will they wear it. Should they wear a helmet is an important topic that we cover here and … [Read more...]

Reima Winter Gear for Kids

Reima Kids is a very well-established (since 1944) Finnish brand that is new to the US and makes incredible gear for kids. Over the past month or so we have been testing out Reima Winter Gear and are excited to share them with you. While Reima did … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Winter Hiking with Kids

I love to hike and I love winter hiking with kids even with the additional challenges it brings. We live in an area with thousands of miles of hiking trails, and several trail heads are less than an hour away. A major portion of the Appalachian Trail … [Read more...]

Exploring Yellowstone in the Winter

There are families who vacation on the beach and families who vacation on super volcanoes. We invite you to consider exploring Yellowstone in the winter. Why head south when you could visit a semi-frozen caldera where, despite the below freezing … [Read more...]

Affordable Family Ski Gear

Finding affordable family ski gear is key to getting everyone out on the slopes comfortably. There is nothing worse than gear that doesn’t fit right and kids melting down simply because they are uncomfortable. Curious how to keep kids warm too? … [Read more...]

Ten Tips for Family Skiing on a Budget

The words skiing and cheap don't often appear together, but with a little creativity and pre-planning, we’ve figured out how to get out every weekend without breaking the bank. Here are my ten tips for taking your family skiing on a budget. The post … [Read more...]

Teaching a Special Needs Child to Ski

Teaching a special needs child to ski is something near and dear to our family’s heart. While every kid (and family) is different, I am a fierce proponent in giving each child a chance to learn. Special needs can range from people with … [Read more...]

Family Winter Play After Dark

Getting outside at night offers a sense of calm after a busy day with the kiddos. Family winter play after dark can help calm some of the busiest bodies. The dark sky, the quiet street, the freshly fallen snow and the crisp night make for a relaxing … [Read more...]

How to Teach Kids to Snowboard

Check out our tips, tricks and gear recommendations for getting your toddler out on a snowboard. The post How to Teach Kids to Snowboard appeared first on Tales of a Mountain Mama. … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of an Outdoor Mom: Winter in Alaska

The life of an outdoor mom is different for everyone…but being able to be a fly on the wall and see how another family lives is always intriguing for us all! Want more? You can read all our A Day in the Life of an Outdoor Mom posts here! … [Read more...]

How to Keep Feet Warm in Cold Weather

There is nothing worse than cold feet for adults OR kids to make a winter outdoor adventure go really bad, really fast. While we truly believe investing in great gear for your feet is worth it, there are also some easy tips keep feet warm in cold … [Read more...]

Best Winter Boots for Kids

Over the past 10 years we have had SO many kid boots come through this house. And winter boots are a big thing – they are sometimes the difference between a really good day and an outdoor “failure”. We’ve gathered the best … [Read more...]

How Cold is Too Cold to Take Kids Outside?

Now that winter temperatures are here for the foreseeable future, you may be wondering how cold is TOO cold for kids to play outside. Maybe your own mother has been asking you if you are sure her grandchildren are warm enough every time you take them … [Read more...]

Best Ski and Snowboard Helmets for Kids

Choosing the best ski and/or snowboard helmet for kids is a crucial step in getting them safely through winter activities. Not sure a helmet is really necessary? Check out some of our reasoning here. Teaching your child to ski this winter? Here are … [Read more...]

Layering up Kids for Cold Weather

It’s coming. Winter will be here before we all know it (or you may in the midst of it like we are…), and the key to happy kids outside is keeping them warm.   While the techniques may change just a little depending on the age of the kids … [Read more...]

ManPlow Sprout Review

We are completely buried in snow. And it’s March. And dumping out there. Again. Needless to say, we’ve been shoveling a lot of snow this winter (and may be doing so into June at this rate!) We (meaning Mtn Papa) also took over … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

While we are finally getting more and more sun each day, this time of the year just tends to be TOUGH for people, especially if winter and/or cold isn’t your thing. Team Member, Valerie, and I (Amelia) collaborated to to line up some quick and … [Read more...]

Put a Bucket on Your Brain – Why You Need a Helmet

This winter (and every winter), you should be wearing a helmet for any sport that could get your noggin cracked. Ice skating, skiing/boarding, and sledding are the big ones. My kids look at me a little funny when I tell them they don’t need to … [Read more...]

Winter Camping for Families

***This post is sponsored by Pine Mountain, because cozy fires are truly one of the best parts of winter camping!** To be honest, our summers are usually pretty hit or miss as far as camping trips. We do most of them in the spring or late fall when … [Read more...]

12 Days of Gear Giveaways Day 6: Skiing and Winter

**Check here to keep up with all the giveaways for our 12 Days of Gear Giveaways Event!** I am SO excited about the giveaways we have for you today! Because we LOVE playing in snow around here and we get to get some kids out too!!! We just went and … [Read more...]

Weather Apps for Outdoor Safety

This post is sponsored by WeatherBug. It’s an app both Mtn Papa and I use regularly to make an educated guess as to what sorts of layers we all need for the day….and determining safety of conditions too! Which Weather App (if any) do you … [Read more...]

Planning a Community Sledding Party

Planning a Community Sledding Party | Amelia While we are getting some glimpses of “fake spring” around here, winter is far from being over (I think??) and there’s still time for some serious snow to hit us across the country. While … [Read more...]

Fighting the Mid-Winter Blahs + Coupon Code

Fighting the Mid-Winter Blahs + Coupon Code | Amelia I am just about 38 weeks pregnant and have been on-guard for a premie baby for 7 weeks now due to dilating early. So thankful that it looks like we may make it full-term, but the mind games are … [Read more...]

Fat Biking for Kids + TykesBykes Review and *Giveaway*

Fat Biking for Kids + TykesBykes Review and *Giveaway* | Amelia We ar all about encouraging our kids (and ourselves) to try new things on a regular basis. Easier said than done, but a good way to not get stuck in a rut. This winter J (aged *almost* … [Read more...]