Learning Dog Joring + Ruffwear Omnijore System

Dog Joring is a great way to get the entire family outside and moving. We have been testing out the Ruffwear Omnijore System for the past few months in all types of weather – see review below! As an Amazon Associate and member of other … [Read more...]

Best Winter Boots for Kids

Over the past 10 years we have had SO many kid boots come through this house. And winter boots are a big thing – they are sometimes the difference between a really good day and an outdoor “failure”. We’ve gathered the best … [Read more...]

Best Ski and Snowboard Helmets for Kids

Choosing the best ski and/or snowboard helmet for kids is a crucial step in getting them safely through winter activities. Not sure a helmet is really necessary? Check out some of our reasoning here. Teaching your child to ski this winter? Here are … [Read more...]

National Geographic Books for Kids + Giveaway

My family definitely enjoys time outside sledding, hiking, biking or just playing in the mud. However, there are some days when a lot of time is actually spent indoors instead of out. Sometimes, this is because the weather is just too crummy, other … [Read more...]

The Best Pants For Your Outdoor Life

Just like for our kids, having the best gear to get outside and moving is important for us Mamas too! As a team, we have been testing out Title Nine pants for outdoor adventure that will work especially for cooler temperatures. We especially love how … [Read more...]

Nomadik Box Review

Subscription boxes are a fun way to try new stuff, in this case, gear. The Nomadik Box (“Premium Brands + Functional Gear = Better Adventures”) contains a selection of outdoor products geared towards anyone who loves adventuring. Boxes … [Read more...]

Camping Gifts for the Whole Family

Fresh morning air. Hearing the birds call as you wake up.  A cup of steaming hot coffee enjoyed next to a campfire. The scent of pine needles wafting through the air.  Enjoying time as a family without the distractions of technology. This … [Read more...]

Anon Define Helmet for Kids

The Anon Define is a lightweight snowboard & ski helmet that features attached goggles. The adjustable sizing fits young toddlers up to big kids. The post Anon Define Helmet for Kids appeared first on Tales of a Mountain Mama. … [Read more...]

Gear Up Guide For Outdoor Families from REI

Getting the family outside can feel like a chore at times. It takes a LOT of gear to get your family outside for an outdoor adventure. Worse, there are a LOT of choices out there, which makes choosing the right gear pretty darn overwhelming at times. … [Read more...]

Gift Guides for Outdoor Families

Our 2019 gift guides for outdoor families are here! Since we know the struggle of finding the perfect gift can be daunting, we’ve done the work for you. See the guides below for outdoor-centric gifts so you can spend more time with your family … [Read more...]

Favorite Gear for Kid Adventurers

You don’t need a ton of expensive gear to give your kids a great outdoor life. There. I said it. All you need to do to have an amazing time is walk right out your front door. But the truth is, good gear can definitely help you have a better (or at … [Read more...]

Make My Belly Fit Review

Being pregnant in the dead of winter poses a host of new challenges to keeping warm and being able to be outside. While in a moderate climate it’s fairly easy to just make do, when the temperature really drops a warm coat is absolutely … [Read more...]

Rock Tumbling for Outdoor Families

If your kid is anything like my kid, it’s nearly impossible to come home from an outdoor adventure without rocks in their pockets. While it can be infuriating from a laundry standpoint, I do love that they are interested enough in the trip to be … [Read more...]

Shop the REI Labor Day Sale

Labor day is almost here, and while we all appreciate the long weekend for that bonus camping trip, what we really appreciate are the deep discounts on adventure gear leading up to the holiday! There is so much good stuff on sale this week at REI … [Read more...]

Camp Chef Rainier Stove Review

For me, one of the biggest barriers to camping as a family is figuring out how we are going to keep everyone fed. It has taken some time and a good amount of trial and error to develop our camp kitchen system and obtain the right gear to fit our … [Read more...]

Double-Duty Back to School Gear for Outdoor Families

It’s back to school season – time for cool breezes, freshly sharpened pencils and fall camping trips. And of course – back-to-school shopping. When we do ours, what I’m really looking for is gear that can do double duty. We need … [Read more...]

Forest Club: A Year of Activities, Crafts and Exploring Nature

“Forest Club” by Kris Hirschmann and illustrated by Marta Antelo is a beautiful book meant to help “re-wild the child.” This book is half activity guide – with instructions for activities and crafts, and half field guide … [Read more...]

HEC Studio: Woman-owned, adventure-inspired

Meet Sarah Haske, founder of HEC Studio (High Elevation Creations)!  Sarah creates unique hats and beanies, hand stitched with love and a focus on FUN.  No two hats are the same and use bright swatches of fabric with bold patterns … [Read more...]

ManPlow Sprout Review

We are completely buried in snow. And it’s March. And dumping out there. Again. Needless to say, we’ve been shoveling a lot of snow this winter (and may be doing so into June at this rate!) We (meaning Mtn Papa) also took over … [Read more...]

Best Bras for Active Women

Title Nine Bras 101: How to Pick and Care For A New Bra We are all busy moms and after taking care of our spouses, kids, house, pets and jobs, we don’t spend nearly enough time caring for ourselves!  As moms, we really do need a little … [Read more...]

12 Days of Gear Giveaways – Stay Warm & Cozy

Today is the LAST day of our 12 Days of Gear Giveaways. Whew! I hope you’ve loved seeing all the gear we featured this year. Be sure to continue to watch our newsletters throughout the whole year as we offer exclusive discounts, tips and … [Read more...]

12 Days of Gear Giveaways – Hike On!

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12 Days of Gear Giveaways – Outdoor Fashion & Function

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12 Days of Gear Giveaways – Get Out and Move!

Here we go! 12 Days of Gear Giveaways – Day 9! Today’s giveaways are all things to help you get out and MOVE. If you’re just finding us, be sure to click here to find all the giveaways. Have you seen this?!?! –> Be sure you check out … [Read more...]