Best Music for Outdoor Kids

We love to rock it around here. Whether it’s upbeat tunes to get us going in the morning, relaxing melodies for evenings at home, or silly songs to get us dancing, we like to keep the rhythm flowing. While I admittedly am no “music … [Read more...]

How to Make a Journey Stick

Making a journey stick is a fun way to involve children of all ages in an explorative, outdoor activity. This is an activity you can do over several days or you can do it in under an hour.  Looking for more fun outdoor activities to do at home? … [Read more...]

Music for Outdoor Kids

We love to rock it around here.  Music brings up everyone’s mood, and the sillier the words, the sillier the dancing.  While I admittedly am no “music junkie” I do appreciate quality kids’ music, especially when it … [Read more...]

Wilderness First Aid for Outdoor Families

When we take our kids outside, we always say “Safety First,” but don’t always consciously stop to think about what that means. Managing risk as an outdoor family is one of the most important jobs we have outside, but what does that … [Read more...]

School’s Out(side)

Keeping your sanity, getting outside, and balancing academics during school closures is crucial for mental health. The best way to do it? Take school outside! Three weeks ago, you had a routine that was familiar to your family. Suddenly, within the … [Read more...]

100+ Ideas for Outdoor Family Fun

Isolation is SO hard. Maybe the hardest thing many of us have been asked to do for the greater good of our communities, our state, our country and our world. However, social isolation does not mean that you can’t go outside with your family. … [Read more...]

Best Podcasts for Nature Loving Kids

If you’re looking for some screen-free fun, or ways to keep kids busy in the back of bike trailers or on drives to your hike – then we’ve got a great list of podcasts for you. Try a few to find out what you like, and enjoy! Looking for book lists and … [Read more...]

Diverse Books for Outdoor Kids

Children’s literature has come a long way, and there are countless incredible books out there featuring prominent characters of all colors, shapes, abilities, and genders. Unfortunately diverse books specifically for outdoor kids are still hard to … [Read more...]