Two Days of Rock and Roll (day 1)

Serious play on words, but I’ve never seen so many big ROCKS before in my life, and I saw them all as I was ROLLING down the road. Well, I hiked to some, but I had to roll to get there. Thus the title of this post. I saw so many amazing sights in … [Read more...]

Still High In/On the Rockies

I've been in Colorado for more than three weeks now, and it almost feels as though I've moved here.  It's strange to be away from my RV for this long, but I am glad I decided to leave it behind in Sedona. Although most of the roads have been clear, I … [Read more...]

The Mountains Beckon Me

I don't begin to know how to describe my feelings about the mountains. They do tug at me though, maybe even more so having spent the last 15 years living in Texas. My relationship with mountains is not intense, like that of an addicted climber, but … [Read more...]