#1000Words: Are we really ever off the grid?

The #1000Words series highlights the images we've captured on the trail that tell a story that resonates with us.  As the saying goes "A picture's worth a thousand words" and we believe it.  Share your images in the comments or on Twitter using the … [Read more...]

Interview: Breadcrumbs – A GPS mapping app

We've been testing every GPS mapping app and plugin we could find here on Trail Sherpa.  And the results have been disappointing.  That is, until we found Breadcrumbs. Their web-based GPS track management app is very easy to use, intuitive for the … [Read more...]

Interview: Rafflecopter

I had an opportunity to use Rafflecopter recently for a giveaway we were doing on Trail Sherpa to accompany our first gear review of the Geigerrig Hydration System.  The promotion went seamlessly and one lucky hiker walked away with a new Geigerrig … [Read more...]

The Basics: 5 things to take with you on a day hike

I have been reading lots of stories of day hikes gone wrong lately.  I covered the topic of rescues in Yosemite in a post a few weeks ago. And this week another story of rescue hit the press. He went off trail and found himself stuck with no cell … [Read more...]

Safely finding and pushing your limits as a hiker

It's not always easy to find our limits as day hikers.  Some physical limits can only be defined in extreme conditions, maybe only under the harshest weather or terrain.  Mental limits can present themselves regardless of the conditions, terrain, or … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Summiting Bridge Mountain

I first hiked Bridge Mountain in April 2010 and failed to complete the hike.  You can read about that attempt here.  I was out of shape, no experience with Class 3 climbing techniques, and fully exhausted after the initial 150 ft climb.  This attempt … [Read more...]

$2,500,000 to rescue hikers? I think we can do better.

A recent post on Yosemiteblog.com highlights the issue that the park is having with unnecessary rescues. Ill prepared and too confident for their own good, many day hikers are taking bold risks, betting against Mother Nature, and coming up short … [Read more...]

How do you measure your blog’s progress?

I spend my days managing the efforts of our web design team and conferring with our social media guidance clients on the progress of their online activities.  It makes sense that I would drink my own Kool Aid don’t you think. My team is very … [Read more...]

I just filed my first Trail Report

I have successfully entered my first Trail Report on Trail Sherpa. I hiked 12.5 miles at the Greensboro Watershed, which is about 40 miles from my home west of Winston Salem, North Carolina. Note our trail reports are split into tabs -- one for … [Read more...]

Trail Sherpa Design wants to build your website

Trail Sherpa Design is a full-service web-design solution for anyone who wants to create an outdoor-focused website. We built Trail Sherpa to gather the stories of people who walk under the sky and sleep under the stars. Storytelling is our … [Read more...]