Between Spring Showers

I always have the best intentions of being consistent about posting on my blog, and when I'm not I can usually blame lack of good internet connection for my delays. Most of the parks I stay at offer free WiFi, but it's usually slow at best and that … [Read more...]

Bird is the Word!

OK, I have to admit... I’m as capable as anyone at ignoring the work that has to be done when I can go outdoors and play, but to be stuck inside my RV for days on end, in the pouring rain, with NO internet connection has had me feeling more than a … [Read more...]

New Sights and New Routines

After Navarre Beach, the next planned destination was quite a ways farther down the gulf coast to visit my friend John Snow in Fort Myers. John (another old friend from the photographic industry) cast the bait when he offered a free place to park my … [Read more...]

Rolling Into Spring

I left Caddo Lake bright and early last Saturday morning with “Hawkeye” (my GPS) set for an RV park New Orleans. First stop was not too far down the road. “Mimi and Papa” (parents of my good friends Steve and Lisa Jane) live in Shreveport. This … [Read more...]

On The Road Again

Wow. It seems like it's been ages since I last sat down to write. Not much to say while sitting still in Dallas. It was great spending time with my daughter, Elissa, and some good friends while there. The rest of my time was spent tackling projects, … [Read more...]

Working My Way Through Downtime… (and stuff)

Hello friends. After shuckin' and jivin' through several tornado warnings in the Dallas area today I'm feeling the need to "connect". Let me hear from you! Blogging is still relatively new and foreign to me, and I don't really know how much my … [Read more...]

The Last of the West

After six months and more than eight thousand miles I've come full circle back to Texas in time for my daughter's spring break. It's been about two months since I met her in San Diego during her winter break, and I'm enjoying every moment I can with … [Read more...]

Two Days of Rock and Roll (day 2)

After the jaw dropping drive from Steamboat Springs to Moab I eagerly anticipated the beauty I'd find the following day, and was horribly disappointed when I woke to dark clouds and snowfall the following morning. I set out down the highway with a … [Read more...]

Two Days of Rock and Roll (day 1)

Serious play on words, but I’ve never seen so many big ROCKS before in my life, and I saw them all as I was ROLLING down the road. Well, I hiked to some, but I had to roll to get there. Thus the title of this post. I saw so many amazing sights in … [Read more...]

Still High In/On the Rockies

I've been in Colorado for more than three weeks now, and it almost feels as though I've moved here.  It's strange to be away from my RV for this long, but I am glad I decided to leave it behind in Sedona. Although most of the roads have been clear, I … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain High

I have been working my way through the mountains of Colorado for more than two weeks now, traveling over six hundred miles of scenic highways in every kind of weather. Again I find myself short of words to describe the majestic beauty I'm witnessing. … [Read more...]

"Working From Nomad's Land"

My story was recently featured on Second Act and Entrepreneur Magazine, written by Patrick J. Kiger. I never expected so much interest in my journey, and to be considered for such prestigious sites is a wonderful honor. Thank you Patrick, I'm pleased … [Read more...]

The Mountains Beckon Me

I don't begin to know how to describe my feelings about the mountains. They do tug at me though, maybe even more so having spent the last 15 years living in Texas. My relationship with mountains is not intense, like that of an addicted climber, but … [Read more...]

Sedona… Stunning, Surreal, and Spiritual

If a picture says a thousand words this is going to be a really long blog post. :-) My drive from Wickenburg to Sedona was relatively short and easy. No surprises on the road. No huge hills or super windy turns. The comfortable roadway made it easy … [Read more...]

New Vistas and Old Friends in Wickenburg

I've had little opportunity to spend time in Arizona. Drove straight through during our move from California to Texas 15 years ago. With a trailer, a very "spirited" four year old, two dogs and a cat in tow there was little desire to take our time … [Read more...]

Not To Be Left Out

I'm in Wickenburg Arizona now and moving on to Sedona tomorrow, but before moving on with those tales and images there's a bit more to share from my time in California. I called this state home for more than 15 years. It is one of the largest and … [Read more...]

My Three Favorite "F" Words… Fun, Food and Friends!

As I prepare to leave southern California today I reflect once again on the special time I've shared with friends along the path of my journey. I feel tremendously grateful and blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life. None more wonderful … [Read more...]

Wave on Wave

  That title is multipurpose, but as long as I’m using it I have to share one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists, Pat Green. I’ve spent a lot of time the last few months along the … [Read more...]

The Fork in the Road

Some might wonder (those who weren’t privy all along) what started all this. What would possess a single middle age woman to give up a perfectly comfortable home, her business and most of her worldly possessions for a solo, unplanned journey across … [Read more...]

Alone again…

Without question, the hardest thing about being out here on the road is being away from my daughter. I understood long ago though, that once she was off to college I'd get precious little time with her regardless of where I was. She's very social and … [Read more...]

Introducing a Fellow "Journeyer"…

Friends... this morning I met (virtually) a fellow journeyer I'd like to introduce. His name is Ara Gureghian and he travels with his dog Spirit. I think my letter to him might be the best form of introduction. After reading it I'm sure you will find … [Read more...]

My Resolve

It's rare that I make a New Year's resolution, I guess because I tend to make resolutions on a rather regular basis throughout the year and do my best to stick to them. This "New Year's resolution" is simply a matter of timing. I've been full time in … [Read more...]


Yosemite Valley is one of those places that should be on everyone's bucket list. I have been there several times over the years but each time I enter the valley it is as if it's the first time, as it never fails to take my breath away. No artist, no … [Read more...]

I can't believe it's Christmas!

I'm anchored in the warm sunny desert just outside of Temecula CA (a little more than an hour northeast of San Diego). I'm boon-docked actually, which means I'm not plugged into anything... sewer, water or electricity. The Beast is pretty self … [Read more...]