Trail Sherpa Rants

Trail Sherpa is passionate about the outdoors and occasionally rants about certain topics. Read our recent rants on the outdoors.

Wilderness Douchebag Identification System

Every outdoor adventure attracts some type of douchebag that challenges everything you find sacred about the wilderness. This guide won’t help you handle yourself in such situations but it will help you identify the type of douchebags that you may … [Read more...]

The Basics: 5 things to take with you on a day hike

I have been reading lots of stories of day hikes gone wrong lately.  I covered the topic of rescues in Yosemite in a post a few weeks ago. And this week another story of rescue hit the press. He went off trail and found himself stuck with no cell … [Read more...]

$2,500,000 to rescue hikers? I think we can do better.

A recent post on highlights the issue that the park is having with unnecessary rescues. Ill prepared and too confident for their own good, many day hikers are taking bold risks, betting against Mother Nature, and coming up short … [Read more...]