How To: Create a Gear Review

You've successfully landed a gear sponsor and now it's time to create your gear review.  That is the trade off isn't it?  With Sherpa Sites, gear reviews are easy. We've built a custom post template into each Sherpa Site that allows you to create … [Read more...]

Flexible/Device-Responsive Image Sliders for your Sherpa Site

"Device-Reponsive" means that these sliders will scale down to fit whatever you are viewing it on, ipad, itouch, cell phone,etc. Sherpa Sites comes preloaded with 2 Device-Reponsive image slider/rotation options: WP Rotator PLUS Flex Slider for … [Read more...]

Adding a Device-Responsive Rotator to your Sherpa Site Home Page

Device-Reponsive means that this slider will scale down to fit whatever you are viewing it on, ipad, itouch, cell phone,etc. It's easy! Go to Plug-ins and activate Wp Rotator (1st) and Flex Slider for WP Rotator (2nd) Add images to your home … [Read more...]

Editing your Sherpa Sites Homepage (Backcountry, GearJunkie, Seasons)

Now that you have your fancy new Sherpa Site Pro site, you may have noticed that your site is already populated with quite a bit of content on the homepage, mainly articles to help you get started. In all likelihood you don't want those as permanent … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Use Sherpa Sites for a Killer Outdoor Blog

Sherpa Sites launched last week and we've been talking with interested bloggers ever since.  One of the most asked questions we get is "How is Sherpa Sites different than WordPress or Blogger?"  We've answered that question before with this … [Read more...]

Setting Email on Your Sherpa Site

Q: Once I've mapped my domain (ex:, can I have email addresses at my domain (ex: A: You bet! We can help you set up email on your Sherpa Site. When we set up your hosting, you will automatically be able to … [Read more...]

Sherpa Sites for hikers, backpackers, and outdoor brands

As outdoor bloggers, we are constantly looking for new ways to tell our stories and distribute them to the people that are interested in the great outdoors.  We've been discussing this process internally here at Trail Sherpa as a team for quite some … [Read more...]