Burley Piccolo Review

No whining, no tears, and mom gets a workout?  Yes, please! My four-year-old son and I just got back from a 15-mile bike ride with the Burley Piccolo, the newest trailercycle from this tried-and-true bike trailer company.  He was so proud … [Read more...]

Best Rain Bibs for Kids

We are big fans of rain bibs. So much so, that we own this piece of gear from three different companies: Polarn O Pyret, Reima, and Playshoes. I’ve found pros and cons to each, and would recommend each of them in different situations for … [Read more...]

kinderpack for hiking

For me and many people I know, the Kinderpack (KP) is the Cadillac of soft structured carriers (SSCs). It is so comfortable, easy to adjust, and well fitting that you can actually forget you are using a carrier and just concentrate on enjoying your … [Read more...]

Pello Ripple Balance Bike Review

In a line-up of balance bikes the Pello Ripple Balance Bike certainly stands out as a favorite for our family. It is a very high quality bike built for helping kids be successful on their journey towards eventually riding a pedal bike. As a member of … [Read more...]

How Far Can Kids Hike?

If you’re new to hiking with your kids, you may be wondering the simple question: How far can kids hike? The answer, of course, depends on many factors – their age, their overall athlelticism, the elevation, the weather, which episode of … [Read more...]

Favorite Campfire Nachos

We love having campfires year-round (in fact, fall and winter campfires tend to be my favorite). And easy meals around the campfire make it even more cozy to bring the family together. These campfire nachos are a family favorite. I love that they are … [Read more...]

How to Zwift with Kids

As the realities of quarantine set in, local cycling families we hang with asked if our kids were Zwifting. I snidely replied I wasn’t fond of trainers. I like to be outside. Thank you very much. Two weeks into quarantine I caved. It was cold … [Read more...]

Watershed Drybags Review

Summertime is time to be on the water! Our family likes to get out on the river at least once a week, whether that is canoeing, kayaking, or fly fishing. What we don’t like is wet gear—can I get an Amen? This summer we had the opportunity to test out … [Read more...]

Best Reima Rain Gear

I consider myself and the kids to be rain gear aficionados. We get a lot of wet weather up here in Alaska, and we spend a great deal of our lives outside in it. We don’t believe in “bad weather”, in fact rainy days are some of our … [Read more...]

Best Kids Life Jackets + How to Choose

For many families, summertime means more time in the water. And activities like stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing and rafting can be enjoyed by even the youngest kids if they have a properly fitting life jacket. So just how do you choose a … [Read more...]

Best Music for Outdoor Kids

We love to rock it around here. Whether it’s upbeat tunes to get us going in the morning, relaxing melodies for evenings at home, or silly songs to get us dancing, we like to keep the rhythm flowing. While I admittedly am no “music … [Read more...]

6 Powerful Reasons Why Nature is Good for You

These are trying times. And a trying time is a perfect time to remind yourself why nature is good for you. I would venture to guess that most of us are struggling to one degree or another right now.  Maybe you’re working from home with kids … [Read more...]

10 Best Yellowstone Kid Friendly Hikes

With over 2.2 million acres of wilderness, Yellowstone National Park is easily one of the best places to explore out west. No matter your skill, age, or interest, you’ll find a hike that fits your checklist. If you are headed to Yellowstone this … [Read more...]

Running with Dogs

If you have a pup, you know they need exercise. If you have a dog that hails from a sporting or working breed, then you know they realllllly need exercise.  Running with dogs can be a great way to get exercise for yourself and your dog. … [Read more...]

Best Tips for Dispersed Camping with Kids

Dispersed camping with kids is becoming widely popular as families search for ways to get their family outside while maintaining distance from others. Quite honestly, our family usually chooses dispersed camping over designated campsites most of the … [Read more...]

10 Best Sleeping Bags for Kids

When people think about taking kids camping, their biggest concern is almost always how are people going to sleep (and WILL sleep actually happen???) And with good reason – it’s hard for kids to do change sometimes…and even more so … [Read more...]

Cotopaxi Batac 16L Backpack

The Cotopaxi products are easily becoming one of our new favorite go-to brands! If you are looking for light-weight products that are very colorful (and one-of-a-kind!) that serve a variety of purposes, then look no further! The Cotopaxi Batac 16L is … [Read more...]

20 Best Camping Games for Families

Games can be the perfect way to unwind for a lazy afternoon at your campsite, make a rainy night not so miserable, or satisfy your thirst for adventure when you can’t be out on the trail. But before you go out and buy each every game you think … [Read more...]

Solstice Celebrations

Celebrating Solstices (and Equinoxes) is one of my favorite things to do with my kids. Studying seasonal rhythms and cycles is part of our everyday homeschool curriculum, and it doesn’t even feel like “learning” (which for young … [Read more...]

How to Make a Journey Stick

Making a journey stick is a fun way to involve children of all ages in an explorative, outdoor activity. This is an activity you can do over several days or you can do it in under an hour.  Looking for more fun outdoor activities to do at home? … [Read more...]

Beginner’s Guide to Family Biking

Are you interested in biking together as a family but not sure where to begin? Family biking is a great way to spend quality time with your family while getting a little exercise in as well! Biking is also a fun way to connect with the outdoors … [Read more...]

Burley Dash Review

I was given the opportunity to try out the new Burley Dash product line of children’s bike seats. There are three styles of seats the FM, X FM, and RM. Each one provides unique benefits for going on bike rides with your little one. As a member … [Read more...]

Bike Maintenance for Families

Learning the basics of bike maintenance together as a family is a great way to bond AND be safe as you ride. Knowledge is power so when you run into trouble, you know what to do to fix your bike. Or, better yet, you see issues BEFORE they become a … [Read more...]

Best Hiking Backpacks for Kids

Whether you are an avid hiker or just starting out, picking out the best hiking backpack for your kids can be quite overwhelming! With so many choices and features, it is hard to know exactly which backpack will best suit your young … [Read more...]