How to Teach Kids to Snowboard

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A Day in the Life of an Outdoor Mom: Winter in Alaska

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Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier Review

To be honest, the Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier is my favorite carrier, though the Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL comes in in a close second. I just find I prefer being able to haul more extra gear on most hikes than the Active series allows (must … [Read more...]

Learning Dog Joring + Ruffwear Omnijore System

Dog Joring is a great way to get the entire family outside and moving. We have been testing out the Ruffwear Omnijore System for the past few months in all types of weather – see review below! As an Amazon Associate and member of other … [Read more...]

How to Keep Feet Warm in Cold Weather

There is nothing worse than cold feet for adults OR kids to make a winter outdoor adventure go really bad, really fast. While we truly believe investing in great gear for your feet is worth it, there are also some easy tips keep feet warm in cold … [Read more...]

Best Winter Boots for Kids

Over the past 10 years we have had SO many kid boots come through this house. And winter boots are a big thing – they are sometimes the difference between a really good day and an outdoor “failure”. We’ve gathered the best … [Read more...]

How Cold is Too Cold to Take Kids Outside?

Now that winter temperatures are here for the foreseeable future, you may be wondering how cold is TOO cold for kids to play outside. Maybe your own mother has been asking you if you are sure her grandchildren are warm enough every time you take them … [Read more...]

Best Ski and Snowboard Helmets for Kids

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Bring the Outdoors Inside. An Invitation to Play.

Winter break is coming soon, and those rambunctious kiddos will need lots of activities to keep their brains and hands busy, when the weather is nasty and you just can’t get out. We have some great suggestions to bring the outdoors inside. … [Read more...]

Sensory Play Dough Recipe

A batch of no-cook homemade sensory play dough takes about 10 minutes to create, and will give your kids hours and hours of entertainment and indoor play on bad-weather days. No food coloring? No worries – plain white is beautiful and highlights the … [Read more...]

National Geographic Books for Kids + Giveaway

My family definitely enjoys time outside sledding, hiking, biking or just playing in the mud. However, there are some days when a lot of time is actually spent indoors instead of out. Sometimes, this is because the weather is just too crummy, other … [Read more...]

Best Kid-Friendly Snacks for Your Adventures

Since we all have kids that tend to burn a lot of energy while out exploring, we’ve gathered our favorite kid-friendly snacks for all your adventures. Inevitable Hunger on the Trail “Mommy, I’m hungry” “When do we get a … [Read more...]

Aussie Bars: Food for the Trail

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The Best Pants For Your Outdoor Life

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Nomadik Box Review

Subscription boxes are a fun way to try new stuff, in this case, gear. The Nomadik Box (“Premium Brands + Functional Gear = Better Adventures”) contains a selection of outdoor products geared towards anyone who loves adventuring. Boxes … [Read more...]

How to Teach Kids to Downhill Ski

Kids can learn to downhill ski at a very young age with a little bit of patience, some key gear, and a few tried-and-true pieces of advice. Check out our tips, tricks, and gear recommendations for teaching kids to ski below. As an Amazon Associate … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Outdoor Games & Toys Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! It seems to always creep up fast. With the busyness of the holiday season I find my mind is constantly wandering and wondering. Who needs what? Who wants what? What did I buy for this child? What didn’t I buy for … [Read more...]

Disana Boiled Wool Jackets

Disana Boiled Wool Jackets are a 3-season staple for us.  They are a very versatile piece of gear as an outer layer or as an inner layer.  In spring and fall they’re a great stand-alone jacket, and in winter they can be layered over or under … [Read more...]

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Outdoor Families

Ok, don’t freak out – it’s not REALLY last minute. But, it’s a good time to order the last few things for your gift giving and then sit back and enjoy the season. Looking for some stocking stuffers that won’t be just … [Read more...]

Tuffo Rain Suit Review: Let them splash!

For all you adventurers out there, if you are anything like me, you love that your kids get crazy dirty outside…but do not love the clean up that ultimately follows! That’s one of the top reasons I love the Tuffo rain suit. This … [Read more...]

How to Get Outside When Pregnant with a Toddler

Request from a reader: ” I’d love to see a post on how to get out in winter while pregnant with a 1 1/2 year old who will have to be carried quite a bit. I am 3 mos pregnant and so will be pregnant (and getting much bigger) for the entire … [Read more...]

Camping Gifts for the Whole Family

Fresh morning air. Hearing the birds call as you wake up.  A cup of steaming hot coffee enjoyed next to a campfire. The scent of pine needles wafting through the air.  Enjoying time as a family without the distractions of technology. This … [Read more...]

Anon Define Helmet for Kids

The Anon Define is a lightweight snowboard & ski helmet that features attached goggles. The adjustable sizing fits young toddlers up to big kids. The post Anon Define Helmet for Kids appeared first on Tales of a Mountain Mama. … [Read more...]

Best Books for Outdoor Lovers of All Ages

Besides getting out and playing in the snow, the second best part of winter is curling up with a good book. If you are looking for a perfect gift that is NOT a toy (or for adults, yet another scarf) look no further. As an Amazon Associate and member … [Read more...]