Family Camping Gone Bad – How to Recover

My first camping experience as a first time mother, with a brand new family of three, was absolutely awful! Our baby boy was six months at the time and we had planned two camping trips for the Summer 2010.  We were extremely excited to go on our … [Read more...]

The Science of Sleeping Bag Design

The science behind sleeping bag design is at once simple, and yet very complicated.  For many years sleeping bag designs have changed and evolved to incorporate the latest technological breakthroughs and use the latest innovative fabrics and … [Read more...]

Interview with TETON Sports designer Shawn Parry

The new Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag My first sleeping bag was a substantial puffy cocoon lined in soft cotton, nothing like the gossamer light, synthetic-lined bags I carry backpacking today. In a less tangible way, my first bag made me feel … [Read more...]

Joshua Tree National Park – a climber’s perspective

[tab:Overview] I have a great group of hiking buddies here in Las Vegas.  There is always someone that is ready and able to tackle a trail with me regardless of the timing.  My friend Brian is solely responsible for getting me back into nature … [Read more...]

Mammoth Creek Fly Fishing

This was a last minute trip that Trent and I put together. Throw everything in the back of the King Ranch and head for Utah! We'd fished the Mammoth Creek many times before when my wife and I had a cabin in the area. This was our first overnight so … [Read more...]

Yellowstone Float Trip

I was invited to join this group of regulars on a 4 day float trip on the Yellowstone and Madison Rivers in Montana. Awesome time! All six of us caught fish regularly which was impressive considering it was my first float trip and the beginning of my … [Read more...]