Epic Gifts for Active Kids

Whatever your child’s school year looks like, there will be big changes ahead for you and your children. You might be attempting to juggle work-from-home with school-at-home. You might be struggling with curriculum choices, wondering which … [Read more...]

Wild Math Fourth Grade Review

Last summer I started using the Wild Math Curriculum First Grade edition. My kids spent the summer working on addition and subtraction facts and having great fun measuring everything in sight. They loved it so much that we decided to make Wild Math a … [Read more...]

Bike Maintenance for Families

Learning the basics of bike maintenance together as a family is a great way to bond AND be safe as you ride. Knowledge is power so when you run into trouble, you know what to do to fix your bike. Or, better yet, you see issues BEFORE they become a … [Read more...]

Osprey Jet 18

The Jet 18 is a great trail-ready daypack from Osprey. If you’re looking for lightweight, comfortable pack for your child, keep reading for our full review! Looking for all our backpack reviews? Find them here! As member of various affiliate … [Read more...]

Osprey Ace 38

The Osprey Ace 38 is a technical, quality pack for your young backpacker. It has all the bells and whistles of an adult pack with adjustability to keep up with your growing child. We had every intention of testing the Osprey Ace 38 this spring on a … [Read more...]

Bring the Outdoors Inside. An Invitation to Play.

Winter break is coming soon, and those rambunctious kiddos will need lots of activities to keep their brains and hands busy, when the weather is nasty and you just can’t get out. We have some great suggestions to bring the outdoors inside. … [Read more...]

Camping Gifts for the Whole Family

Fresh morning air. Hearing the birds call as you wake up.  A cup of steaming hot coffee enjoyed next to a campfire. The scent of pine needles wafting through the air.  Enjoying time as a family without the distractions of technology. This … [Read more...]

Best Gifts For Biking Families

At Tales of a Mountain Mama we believe that cycling is one of life’s simple joys, and we love sharing & stoking that passion with our family and friends. We’ve gathered up all our favorite gifts for biking families that we know you … [Read more...]

Shotgun Kids MTB Seat Review

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. – John Muir The Shotgun Kids MTN Bike Seat (also available on Amazon) attaches directly to any mountain bike (yes, even those with a drop post) to allow parents to ride the … [Read more...]

A Day in the Outdoor Life: Mountain Biking Mama

I wake alone, blurry eyes blinking open, feet on the floor before I even check the clock. I know it will say 630something. Long gone are the days when I’d wake slowly, without a worry in the world.  I have approximately 20 precious minutes … [Read more...]

Christmas in July: Cool Gadgets!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Whew! Where has this week (and summer?!?!) gone?!? Don’t miss these giveaways though before they’re gone! If you haven’t entered to win the previous giveaways, be sure you do that now! And thanks for telling your … [Read more...]

Christmas in July: Outdoor Women

Welcome to week #2, day #2! If you haven’t entered to win the previous giveaways, be sure you do that now! And thanks for telling your friends – we love building this outdoor community. Ladies – today we are celebrating YOU and some … [Read more...]

Wild Math – An Outdoor Curriculum Guide

Wild Math – An Outdoor Curriculum Guide – First Grade It’s summer break. You have a houseful of kids that are tracking in mud, asking for screen time, jumping on the couches, whining for a snack. They’ve just spent somewhere in the … [Read more...]

Preserving Wildhood – Wild Water Play

You can find all our Wildhood series posts here! “Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take away the walls.” ― Erin K. Kenny, Forest Kindergartens: The Cedarsong Way Summer is just around the bend, and more than a few parents are wondering what … [Read more...]

5 Best Nature-Based Book Series for Kids

Nature based book series for kids! Stuck inside with the sniffles? Trails too muddy to hike? Cuddle up with one of these great reads and get some outdoor time, indoors! Note: These links are affiliates. Thanks so much for clicking through them to … [Read more...]

The Study of Nature, Part III: Nature Journaling

“I see no more than you, but I have trained myself to notice what I see.” —Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier In part I, we talked about why encouraging a love of nature will benefit you & your child. In part II we … [Read more...]

The Study of Nature (for kids) Part II

“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder … he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in.” —Rachel Carson How does a parent … [Read more...]

The Study of Nature (for Kids) Part I

“You must walk sometimes perfectly free, not prying or inquisitive, not bent on seeing things. Throw away a whole day for a single expansion, a single inspiration of air. …You must walk so gently as to hear the finest sounds, the faculties being in … [Read more...]