I'm the founder of Vestor Logic, the digital strategy and web design firm that created Trail Sherpa, ParksFolio, and Modern Steader. I'm a day hiker, top chef in camp, doting husband, and father to two headlamp wearing boys. My work in digital media brings those experiences to life.

The best Father’s Day hike in Red Rock ever!

That's a strong title for a blog post and it's going to be difficult to make sure the following story lives up to it...but I think it will! This Father's Day was my third but just the first as a father of two.  Earlier in the week I received an … [Read more...]

Introducing the Trail Sherpa Community

We are very pleased to introduce the new and improved Trail Sherpa website now with a members community. Our community is powered by a collection of plugins working in concert with BuddyPress.  Our goal for the community is to simply provide a … [Read more...]

Joshua Tree National Park – a climber’s perspective

[tab:Overview] I have a great group of hiking buddies here in Las Vegas.  There is always someone that is ready and able to tackle a trail with me regardless of the timing.  My friend Brian is solely responsible for getting me back into nature … [Read more...]

Looking back – a year in pictures 2010

I know it's a bit early to start with all the "Top 10..." lists and even the "Year in Review" type posts, but here is my first for 2010 anyway. I have been migrating most of my digital media from my laptop to an external drive to free up some … [Read more...]

Charleston Peak hike

[tab:Overview] Activity: Hiking, peak bagging Location: Mt Charleston Wilderness, Spring Mountains NRA Time on Trail: 12 hours, 45 mins Difficulty: Difficult Distance: 17.14 miles Elevation: +/- 4100 This is without a doubt … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Charleston Peak hike

We decided to tackle southern Nevada's highest peak, Charleston Peak, from the Trail Canyon trailhead and then onto the North Loop Trail. We had planned to take the South Loop Trail as late as the night before the hike, but I was concerned about … [Read more...]

First Creek Canyon hike

[tab:Overview] Activity: Hiking Location: Red Rock Canyon NCA Time on Trail: 2 hrs 30 mins (moving time) Difficulty: Easy to moderate Distance: 3.90 miles Elevation: +/- 593 feet   First Creek Canyon is a very accessible … [Read more...]

Trail Report: First Creek Canyon

I did the First Creek Canyon hike with my friend Brian as a going away hike.  He and his family were making a move to SoCal and this hike was our way to close out a great hiking partnership.  We have tackled many of the big hikes in Red Rock together … [Read more...]

Shelli Johnson

I found Shelli (@yellowstoneshel) online a few months ago and exchange a few tweets with her over time.  I saw her post in May recounting her Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim trek in the Grand Canyon and immediately knew that she is someone that I wanted to get to … [Read more...]

Jeff Hester

I had the pleasure to interview Jeff Hester, @TheSoCalHiker, the other day about his recent John Muir Trail adventure. This was his second successful thru-hike on the JMT, nearly 30 years after his first time! Jeff is one of the more giving people … [Read more...]

Havasu Falls Backpacking Gear List

I made my first backpacking trip to Havasu Falls this year as part of a larger group.  The group we joined has been doing this trip for years and is led by a seasoned backpacker named John.  He sent an email to all of us before the trip with … [Read more...]

Derek Loranger

This Twitterview was conducted between Tim Miner (@TrailSherpa) and Derek Loranger (@100peaks) via Twitter on Wednesday, July 30, 2010 and is part of the Trail Sherpa Blog Series #hike2020. Derek Loranger is the voice (or should I say "hiker") … [Read more...]

Pamela Wilton – 8 Thousand Kilometer Challenge

This Twitterview was conducted between Tim Miner (@TrailSherpa) and Pamela Wilton (@8Thousand) via Twitter on Wednesday, July 29, 2010 and is part of the Trail Sherpa Blog Series #hike2020. I met Pamela Wilton on Twitter (@8thousand) and like I do … [Read more...]

Introducing our new blog series #hike2020

We often hear the phrase that hindsight is 20/20.  That same expression applies to hiking.  Some of my best trail experiences came on my second or third time on a trail.  What you learn from your first walk on a trail can make your next visit even … [Read more...]

Does technology make our outdoor experiences better?

The Point The development of technology continually reshapes the way we interact with one another. The introduction of GPS technology and the smart phones that allow everyone to use GPS is having profound effects on how we experience the great … [Read more...]

Havasu Falls Backpacking Trip

[tab:Overview] Activity: Backpacking Location: Havasupai Indian Reservation, AZ Time on Trail: 11 hours (moving time) Difficulty: Difficult Distance: 24.65 miles (plus side trips) Elevation: +/- 2650 ft   Trailhead From … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Havasu Falls Backpacking Trip

Trail Description The parking lot at the trailhead is stunning to say the least. It is perched more than 1000 feet above the valley floor and provides one of the best vistas of the trip. The trail starts with a steep descent down the face of the … [Read more...]

Killing time – A few of my favorite pics from the trail

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but I am 3 hours away from departure for my next adventure –a 3 day backpacking trip to Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, and Beaver Falls on the Supai Indian Reservation – and I am so anxious I need to fill the time. So … [Read more...]

Cockscomb Ridge Backpacking Overnight

[tab:Overview] Activity: Backpacking Location: Mt Charleston Wilderness, Spring Mountains NRA Time on Trail: 1 hr 45 mins Difficulty: Moderate Distance: 1.96 miles Elevation: +1493 ft Trailhead From Las Vegas, take US 95 North to … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Cockscomb Ridge

Highlights First overnight of the year at Mt Charleston! Trail Canyon is beautiful part of the Mt Charleston Wilderness, but this short hike has teeth. The hike is less than 2 miles up to the Cockscomb Ridge but gains nearly 1500 feet in elevation. … [Read more...]

Sedona Loop Hike

[tab:Overview] Activity: Hiking Location: Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness Time on Trail: 7 hrs Difficulty: Difficult Distance: 14.17 miles Elevation: +2585/-2462 Trailhead From the Sedona Y take the 89A 3.1 miles to Dry Creek … [Read more...]

The trail signs lied and I learned my lesson

I spent the weekend in Sedona with my family and some friends this weekend. Ryan, who has a daughter the same age as my son, is one of my hiking buddies and we wanted to do a long hike to continue the preparation for our upcoming Havasu Falls … [Read more...]

Trail Report: Sedona Loop Hike

Highlights This loop hike covered 14 miles and including the Dry Creek Trail, Bear Sign Trail, David Miller Trail, and Secret Canyon Trail. The views were spectacular from the David Miller Trail and each canyon held a different experience. The upper … [Read more...]

Bristlecone Trail Hike – Luke & Jenny

[tab:Overview] Activity: Hiking Location: Mt Charleston Wilderness, Spring Mountains NRA Time on Trail: 2 hours 45 mins Difficulty: Easy Distance: 2.87 miles Elevation: +689/-671 Trailhead From Las Vegas, take US 95 North to State … [Read more...]