Terry L. Tyson is an Envrionmental, Health and Safety Professional living in California with his wife, Susan. His love of the outdoors and walking on dirt paths under open skies is evident in his photography and writings. He is a neglectful blogger on his own site but enjoys guest writing on the outdoor blogs of others, which he finds very convenient since he doesn't have to maintain those sites. Terry is a former professional magician and mentalist who dabbles in these pasttimes now and again. Terry is also a published book and mixed media artist and instructor which promises to be his retirement job, perhaps just 4 years away.

Death Valley Volcanic Explosion

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Reflections of an Elder Hiker

“Lines form on my face and hands. Lines form from the ups and downs… I'm in the middle, the middle of life. I'm a boy and I'm a man…” I’m Eighteen ~ Alice Cooper When I was a young lad I recall watching my father shave, fascinated with the process … [Read more...]