How to Make a Journey Stick

Making a journey stick is a fun way to involve children of all ages in an explorative, outdoor activity. This is an activity you can do over several days or you can do it in under an hour.  Looking for more fun outdoor activities to do at home? … [Read more...]

Our Expedition Carrier Review

Kids are amazing and can do amazing things. However, if you’re like me, you’ve had moments when you’ve overestimated your child’s ability to walk or keep up on a hike. That is where the Our Expedition Carrier comes in. In … [Read more...]

Mountain Marsupial Jacket Review

Getting out the doors as a mom with littles can be hard. The challenge of this is further complicated when you’re a brand new mom with various worries. That’s where this Mountain Marsupial Jacket review comes in! How will I keep my baby … [Read more...]

Outdoor Date Ideas for Any Couple

I love recreating with my kids. I love seeing them try new things, the sanity it brings to my life to be outside with them, and I love watching them learn, grow and explore. While I love recreating with my kids, I’m willing to admit that I have the … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Outdoor Games & Toys Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! It seems to always creep up fast. With the busyness of the holiday season I find my mind is constantly wandering and wondering. Who needs what? Who wants what? What did I buy for this child? What didn’t I buy for … [Read more...]

25 Best Toys For Encouraging Outdoor Play

We have done our research and gathered the best toys for outdoor play that just enhance time outside for kids. There’s no replacement for a great stick, but sometimes encouraging time outside is helped by quality toys. Note: This post contains … [Read more...]

Puddlegear Review: Raingear for Children

Puddlegear was started in the rain capital of the world (western Canada) by Alex, a mom of 3 children, who has lots of experience spending time outdoors in wet conditions. Alex loves to sail with her children and has learned from sailing life that … [Read more...]

Best Hiking Hacks For Families

I would be lying if I said my children jump for joy and shout “hooray” when I mention the word hiking. They already know that hiking takes work, requires effort and makes their feet tired. If I am being honest taking them hiking is also … [Read more...]

Best Camping Hacks for Families

Intimidated by camping? You’re not alone! It can be a lot of work to get out those first few times before you get your groove. Over the years the TMM Team has learned a few ways to work smarter, not harder. We’ve gathered them here for … [Read more...]

Preserving Wildhood: Embracing the Creepy Crawlies

This third post in our Preserving Wildhood Series focuses on letting your kids interact with the crawling, creeping critters and insects around them, especially if your natural inclination is to scream or run away in fear when you see these types of … [Read more...]

Family Camping Made Easy – Best Tips

Family Camping 101 is the final installment of our series: Mamas in the Wild: How We Survive When We Opt Outside, sponsored by REI. This four-part series focuses on real life mom-to-mom tips and tricks for getting outdoors with your family. Need to … [Read more...]

How to Actually Get Out the Door

Because actually getting OUT the door is sometimes the hardest part….. We are so excited to bring our our second installment in Mamas in the Wild: How We Survive When We Opt Outside, sponsored by REI. This four-part series focuses on real … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on a Hike

I am so very excited for our NEW series: Mamas in the Wild: How We Survive When We Opt Outside, sponsored by REI. This four-part series will focus on real life mom-to-mom tips, tricks, and humor (because how could we survive this without laughing a … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Surviving & Thriving the Slosh, Slush, Mud, and Muck Season

Feeling like our long, harsh and drawn-out winter will never end?? Us too. If the amount of snow on the ground is any indication of how long off spring is (and how much mud is under there), we’re bracing ourselves. We have had snow storms, … [Read more...]

LittleBig Bike Review

Hi! We are the Johnsons and our family of 3 girls was given the opportunity to test a Sparkle Pink LittleBig Bike . If you have not heard of LittleBig Bike and are undecided about whether to buy a balance bike, pedal bike or both then check out what … [Read more...]

Best Outdoor Themed Halloween Costumes

Pumpkin patches, apple cider donuts and a crispness in the morning air are evidence that fall is right around the corner in my little patch of the woods. With that comes the anticipation of the fast approaching holiday season and some anxiety as I … [Read more...]