Best Hiking Shoes for Kids

Spending the money on pint-sized hiking shoes for kids can feel like a a waste, especially when your child is going to grow out of them so quickly. Can your child just get away with wearing their basic school shoes or sandals on a hike? Well, yes, … [Read more...]

REI Tarn 18 Backpack Review

I don’t know about your children, but mine LOVE pockets. My 6, 8, and 10 year old children all helped test this pack. They all liked one thing in particular about the REI Tarn 18 day pack. That one thing? The waist belt pockets. My 6 year old … [Read more...]

REI Bikes for Kids on the Move

REI Co-op provides nearly every type of gear for the active family, including bikes for kids! Given their generous return policy, quality service, and free first tune-ups, buying your child’s next bike from them is worth serious consideration. … [Read more...]

School’s Out(side)

Keeping your sanity, getting outside, and balancing academics during school closures is crucial for mental health. The best way to do it? Take school outside! Three weeks ago, you had a routine that was familiar to your family. Suddenly, within the … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Winter Hiking with Kids

I love to hike and I love winter hiking with kids even with the additional challenges it brings. We live in an area with thousands of miles of hiking trails, and several trail heads are less than an hour away. A major portion of the Appalachian Trail … [Read more...]

Little Helpers Make Happy Campers

Camping is one of our very favorite family activities, but, just like at home, there are jobs to be done at the campsite too. We truly believe that kids LOVE having jobs and little helpers make happy campers. Everyone loves having an important task … [Read more...]

National Geographic Books for Kids + Giveaway

My family definitely enjoys time outside sledding, hiking, biking or just playing in the mud. However, there are some days when a lot of time is actually spent indoors instead of out. Sometimes, this is because the weather is just too crummy, other … [Read more...]

Best Kid-Friendly Snacks for Your Adventures

Since we all have kids that tend to burn a lot of energy while out exploring, we’ve gathered our favorite kid-friendly snacks for all your adventures. Inevitable Hunger on the Trail “Mommy, I’m hungry” “When do we get a … [Read more...]

Aussie Bars: Food for the Trail

Our family is always searching for great snacks we can take with us on the trail that are healthy, provide great energy AND don’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s not easy keeping kids fed and energized, especially when we are spending long … [Read more...]