OE Carrier Review

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard, “I want to go up on your shoulders!” from one of my kids during a hike…well, let’s just say I would have a lot of nickels. During this toddler/preschooler stage of life, their … [Read more...]

Best Outdoorsy Art Gifts

Chances are, your family is spending more time close to home these days. Many of us are missing opportunities to travel and visit beautiful spaces outside of our immediate vicinity, and we’re also figuring out how to make our houses function as … [Read more...]

6 Powerful Reasons Why Nature is Good for You

These are trying times. And a trying time is a perfect time to remind yourself why nature is good for you. I would venture to guess that most of us are struggling to one degree or another right now.  Maybe you’re working from home with kids … [Read more...]

A Day in the (Pandemic) Life

Well, here we are. It’s been 40-ish days since we all entered the “new normal” of the COVID-19 era. Our homes are now also our schools and workplaces and playgrounds and churches and gyms. Our hands are chapped, our parks are … [Read more...]

Deuter Pico

It’s a beautiful thing when your toddler starts getting excited about carrying some of their own “gear” around. When that time comes, you want to have a pack that meets their needs and keeps the momentum going. The Deuter Pico is … [Read more...]

Deuter Schmusebar

As soon as our son was old enough to start hiking around on his own two feet, he wanted to carry his own backpack. We wanted something small and light enough to fit his slender frame, but big enough to be able to last a few years. After researching … [Read more...]

REI Tarn 12

We’ve put the REI Tarn 12 to the test this Spring – hiking, biking, and puddle stomping around the neighborhood. This is a little pack with a lot of incredible features! The Tarn 12 is well-designed, solidly constructed, and incredibly … [Read more...]

Best Baby Hiking Backpacks for 2020

If you want to do any kind of significant hiking (or snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing, etc.) with babies and toddlers, a high-quality, comfortable, durable framed child carrier is a critical piece of gear for your family.  Our team has rounded up … [Read more...]

She Colors Nature: Diversify the Outdoors

How Chelsea Murphy is harnessing the power of social media to help diversify the outdoors. If you randomly stumbled upon Chelsea Murphy’s Instagram account, @she_colorsnature, you would probably assume that she grew up in the outdoors.  It’s … [Read more...]

Diverse Books for Outdoor Kids

Children’s literature has come a long way, and there are countless incredible books out there featuring prominent characters of all colors, shapes, abilities, and genders. Unfortunately diverse books specifically for outdoor kids are still hard to … [Read more...]

How to Teach Kids to Downhill Ski

Kids can learn to downhill ski at a very young age with a little bit of patience, some key gear, and a few tried-and-true pieces of advice. Check out our tips, tricks, and gear recommendations for teaching kids to ski below. As an Amazon Associate … [Read more...]

Spawn Cycles Yoji 16″ Bike Review

When my then just-turned-3-year-old first laid eyes on the Spawn Cycles Yoji at the bike shop, his eyes lit up. “Look at my brand new blue pedal bike!” he exclaimed, jumping up and down and waving his arms. “It’s a real … [Read more...]