How to Zwift with Kids

As the realities of quarantine set in, local cycling families we hang with asked if our kids were Zwifting. I snidely replied I wasn’t fond of trainers. I like to be outside. Thank you very much. Two weeks into quarantine I caved. It was cold … [Read more...]

The Girly Girls Guide to Glamming Gear

Glamming gear for (outdoor) girly girls is an art form, one that can and must be passed down to the next generation of gear heads. Sometimes it includes expansive DIY projects and sometimes it’s as simple as throwing down a few hearts with puff paint … [Read more...]

Raising Girly Girls in the Great Outdoors

As a mother of two very girly little girls I’m often surprised when I hear a kid won’t go outside because they are “too girly.” Does that mean they are too fragile? Too anxiety prone to be uncomfortable? All kids need fresh air and wall-less spaces … [Read more...]

Do Little Bike Seat Review

If you are looking for a child bike seat your whole family will love, check out the The Do Little kids bike seat. A revolutionary new design allows kids to ride up front through a mid-mounting system on your bike. The result is a front-to-rear weight … [Read more...]

Teaching a Special Needs Child to Ski

Teaching a special needs child to ski is something near and dear to our family’s heart. While every kid (and family) is different, I am a fierce proponent in giving each child a chance to learn. Special needs can range from people with … [Read more...]