Day Two!

Day two of the journey: I had every intention of doing a post last night, but after an intense day of fighting the winds (This big girl LOVES to rock and roll, and it's my job to make sure she doesn't get out of control and fall down!), a long walk … [Read more...]

Amarillo By Morning???

Amarillo By Morning-George Strait  Got some quality time with my girl, Elissa, today. Hanging out in my RV for one last night with my dear friend Brandi now. Setting out on the journey tomorrow. First stop... Amarillo. I won't be there by morning, … [Read more...]

Follow up segment on WFAA Channel 8

WFAA Channel 8 new is doing a follow up segment during their 12 o'clock news from our live interview this morning. Thank you Wyatt Goolsby! … [Read more...]

Journey in Focus segment live on Channel 8!!!!

WFAA Channel 8 is doing a segment about the journey before me LIVE from my Winnebago tomorrow morning at 6am! Fun! … [Read more...]

Me, in a nutshell??? Ever try closing a WAY overstuffed suitcase? Mmmm hmmm

Ok, I have to admit I’m taking a short-cut here and sharing a post I did on the dog blog I started several months ago (and sadly won’t have time for as this one takes over). I’m sure that most of the folks who follow this blog don’t really know me, … [Read more...]

Final leg of the adventure of preparing for my adventure!

Apologies to those of you who have been watching for posts. I keep talking about the adventure ahead, but really... the adventure began when I made the decision to go mobile in an RV and went into contract on my house almost simultaneously. That sent … [Read more...]

My New Home

Signed papers on my new home last night. Less than two weeks to be out of my house and on the road in this baby! :-) … [Read more...]

26 Days and Counting

One more day of estate sale.  It's not often that I wake up feeling exhausted, but that has been the case for the past few days, and with no rest for the weary in sight!  Who knew that simplifying one's life could be so much WORK? It seems that … [Read more...]

This is Really Happening

31 days. Sometimes its hard to believe I'm really doing this, but all I have to do is stop and look around my half empty home and studio to know just how real this is.   … [Read more...]