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8 Ski Safety Tips for Kids

8 Ski Safety Tips for Kids Ski safety is probably one of the things that kids hear about the least, but need to be reminded of this most.  As parents, we often forget that just because we know how to be safe skiers, that doesn’t mean that our … [Read more...]

A quiet morning wandering on the trail

The picture does not capture how happy I was to be there This morning I carved out some time to get on the trail. This week, I had big plans to spend two nights sleeping in my car in Anza … [Read more...]

The Best Snow pants for Curvy Women

At Tales of a Mountain Mama, we believe that the outdoors are for everyone. And we recognize, and celebrate, that outdoor mamas come in all shapes and sizes. But finding quality snowpants for curvy body types is really hard! If you're a curvy mama … [Read more...]

A Stroller for All Seasons

A Stroller for All Seasons Like many families, our space is precious and limited. Any stroller we have simply has to be able to work for all seasons, not just warm and dry weather. Because, frankly, my sanity depends on it. We love Burley’s … [Read more...]

Ruby Crest Trail 2020 – An Alpine Island Rising from the Desert Floor

It started off by looking at a map. Probably about 5 years ago, I came across a dark skies map that showed the darkest areas of the country. I scanned around, looking at different places and came across a mountain range in northeastern Nevada.The … [Read more...]

Outdoor Family Adventure Guide Giveaway

Outdoor Family Adventure Guide Giveaway Our Outdoor Family Adventure Guide is FINALLY live and we are SO excited to share it with you all. This project has been a direct response for the hundreds of people who have asked us for simple ways to get … [Read more...]

WeeDo Funwear Review

WeeDo Funwear perfectly blends the worlds of function and fashion with their extremely well-build, one-piece snowsuits. Believe me when I say they thought of everything when they designed these suits. … [Read more...]