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Hiking Kid Carrier Comparison: Deuter, Osprey and Thule

Hiking Kid Carrier Comparison Using a framed child carrier is a great way to keep your kiddo comfy, give them the best seat on the trail and haul them around for some miles. I prefer using a framed child carrier for my kiddos (as soon as they are big … [Read more...]

Burley Tail Wagon Review

Burley Tail Wagon Review To be perfectly honest, I was certain that this review was going to be one that we were simply not going to be able to complete. Our “covid dog”, rescued last spring in April, flat out refused my every attempt to … [Read more...]

Tips to remember when travelling

Going travelling can be a stressful experience for a lot of people which almost contradicts the whole point of going travelling in the first place! Often, the reason for the stress is a fear of forgetting to do something or to bring something, so in … [Read more...]

Outdoor Women Winter Style Guide

Outdoor Women Winter Style Guide While we talk a LOT about kids gear around here, doing our seasonal style guide for women is one of my favorite posts. I love doing some searching to figure out what are the best styles for an active, outdoor … [Read more...]

The Easy Camp Cookbook

The Easy Camp Cookbook To be perfectly honest, if you would have told me I would be writing a book during the onslaught of Covid, I would have answered quite plainly that it was simply impossible. And yet, thanks to the extra help of my husband, a … [Read more...]

Mount Whitney Trip 2020 – It’s All about the Journey, Not the Summit

When: August 2020Route: Horseshoe Meadow to Mount Whitney via Cottonwood PassNights on Trail: 4Miles: ~33Shuttle: East Side Sierra Shuttle (Great!)BackgroundThroughout her childhood, my daughter, Sophia, has heard the stories of my adventures. She … [Read more...]

Ski Movie Review: TGR’s “Make Believe”

Ski Movie Review: TGR’s “Make Believe” Let’s face it…  2020 has been rough.  But if you are a skier or rider, the upcoming ski season (and ski movie Fall tour) is one of the few bright spots you are probably … [Read more...]