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Christmas in July: Outdoor Education

It’s day THREE! If you haven’t entered to win the previous giveaways, be sure you do that now! Today we are so thrilled to be able to offer our readers a package of some of our very favorite books and a subscription box from what we think … [Read more...]

Christmas in July: Don’t Touch My Bike!

Happy Day! If you haven’t entered to win the previous giveaways, be sure you do that now! You have a chance to win a Woom BIKE for your child plus some of the coolest biking apparel around (brand new for kids and adults!) A couple important … [Read more...]

Christmas in July: Fuel for the Adventure

We are starting off these giveaways with the most important part of any adventure: FUEL. Because if you’re body isn’t fed, fun won’t be had! You have a chance to win some of our very favorite adventure bars AND coffee below. A … [Read more...]

Christmas in July Starts MONDAY!

Get excited, everyone! This year we are doing our Mega Giveaway event in the summer instead of fighting all the holiday chaos in November. We are thrilled to be giving away over $3000 in gear perfect for outdoor families starting MONDAY! Giveaways … [Read more...]

7 Hidden Features to Point Out to Kids on any Trail

I love hiking… and I bet you’re reading this because you love it too! I could spend every day out hiking, mountain biking, and exploring. Have you ever stopped to think about those trails that you are racking up the miles on? Why do they … [Read more...]

Best Tips for Hot Weather Hiking with Kids

Summertime hiking is an easy way to get the whole family outside and moving. However, the heat of the summer is also nothing to be taken lightly, especially with kids.  They’re less able to be aware of what their body needs, are more … [Read more...]

Forest Club: A Year of Activities, Crafts and Exploring Nature

“Forest Club” by Kris Hirschmann and illustrated by Marta Antelo is a beautiful book meant to help “re-wild the child.” This book is half activity guide – with instructions for activities and crafts, and half field guide … [Read more...]

Tips on Getting the Cheapest Flights

The days of the high street travel agent are almost gone as more and more people look to look their vacations on their own, managing the flights, the hotel and the activities using online resources. As this is happening more and more people have … [Read more...]

Sunday Afternoons Hats for Kids

The TMM Team has been fans of Sunday Afternoons Hats for a very long time. They’re perfect for kids who want to be out, and parents who want to keep them protected from the sun. Be sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to win a Sunday … [Read more...]

Learning How to Cook With Vanilla as Your Main Ingredient

Vanilla has been one of the most popular flavors in the world for centuries as it adds a sweet delicious taste to all foods and drinks. The flavor is derived from the orchids of genus Vanilla where it is cultivated and made into a liquid flavor that … [Read more...]

How to Prevent Trail Burn-Out with Kids

My kid is stretched out in front of the door, yelling. “I DON’T WANT TO GO HIKING I HATE HIKING I NEVER WANT TO GO HIKING AGAIN.” I sigh. We’ve been here before. If you too find yourself in this situation often, you’ve got a few options. Drag your … [Read more...]

Wild Math – An Outdoor Curriculum Guide

Wild Math – An Outdoor Curriculum Guide – First Grade It’s summer break. You have a houseful of kids that are tracking in mud, asking for screen time, jumping on the couches, whining for a snack. They’ve just spent somewhere in the … [Read more...]

Summer Gear for Outdoor Women

While I love kid gear, I secretly always look forward to our seasonal posts highlighting our favorite current clothing for women who love to get out and get moving. And, due to the feedback we always get, I think you do too! This season we are … [Read more...]