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How to Keep Babies Warm

So, this post isn’t JUST about keeping babies warm in the winter, but really all kids. It’s the question I get most often from parents – how do we keep kids warm and happy outside? After 4 kids (which is really the same as 10, … [Read more...]

Weather Apps for Outdoor Safety

This post is sponsored by WeatherBug. It’s an app both Mtn Papa and I use regularly to make an educated guess as to what sorts of layers we all need for the day….and determining safety of conditions too! Which Weather App (if any) do you … [Read more...]

Stampede Bikes Charger 12″ Balance Bike Review

The Stampede Charger 12″ (also available in a 16″ and 16″XL size) is one of our favorite balance bikes for young riders. It is beefy and tough, without being too heavy (our 25 pound 2.5 year old can easily handle it on her own). The geometry of the … [Read more...]

We elected a climate denier, so now what? Roll up your sleeves for the outdoors

I’m still trying to digest the election. I’m still trying to make sense of it all. I wasn’t prepared for this–not at all. I see now that I had been living in a bubble of privilege and community that led me to the ignorant sureness that Trump could … [Read more...]

Adventure Through the Holidays – Visit a Park!

So, here’s the deal – once this week gets going, we all sort of throw our hands up in the chaos of the holidays (with good reason, of course) and let our exercise and outdoor time slide. And then our bodies, minds AND relationships suffer … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide to Get You Outside – 2016 + Giveaways

Here we go! Our annual gift guide for 2016. These are the items we have (or have had) on our wish lists….and thought you may want to get some ideas too! **Be sure to scroll the way to the bottom for two special giveaways!** As I do every year, … [Read more...]

Turn Off the TV and Light the Fire!

*This post is sponsored by Pine Mountain. We are proud to represent them this year as we make family memories around the fire!* It’s absolutely essential for families to spend time together. You hear us talk a lot around here about spending … [Read more...]

The Outdoors is Not a Cure-All

This week there was some great discussion over on our Facebook Page over an article stating just how much good the outdoors does for our kids, with an emphasis on how much they suffer if they don’t get outside. “If children are not given enough … [Read more...]

Kids Sleeping Bag Round-Up

Let’s chat about kids sleeping bags….. Hang tight, this post is HUGE (and we hope very comprehensive!)  When people think about taking kids camping, their biggest concern is almost always how are people going to sleep (and WILL sleep … [Read more...]

Finally! I’m Back With An Instagram Contest

  Well, hello there! It has been quite awhile since I have posted anything new here. I decided to take a break over the summer and that break turned into another break during the start of the school year, and here we are almost through fall. … [Read more...]

The Best Pregnancy and Baby Wearing Jacket Extension

**Be sure you read all the way to the end for the special discount code for this must-have baby accessory – this is good for one week only. Expires 11/11/16!** If you’ve been pregnant or had a baby, you’ve been certain that you … [Read more...]

Taking Pictures While Hiking Made Easier

One of the parts of hiking with kids that’s really tough is that I seem to be always hauling way more than I plan to….which makes it especially difficult if I want to be taking pictures of any kind (which I do!) Someone’s backpack … [Read more...]