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Outdoor Dad Instruction Manual

It’s June. And June means Father’s Day (among other things, of course). Unfortunately, most kids are out of school, so no gifts are conveniently made during the school day so other parents (or caregivers) are off the hook. We’re … [Read more...]

O.F.F. MUCK boots for Kids + Giveaway

It’s almost June and doesn’t feel in the least bit like summer around here. We have had an abundance of rain, and while I am not complaining too much (I despise the heat more!), our “wet gear” has certainly gotten more use … [Read more...]

Are we Parenting the Outdoors Out of Our Kids?

I was watching a group of young kids recently – aged five and younger. And something struck me – they WANTED to be outside. They wanted to run and jump and climb mountains (or at least hills). They didn’t think twice about the … [Read more...]

Parting with “The Beast”!

Yes, I’ve been mulling this over for quite some time, and making the final decision has not been easy. “The Beast”, my 35′ Winnebago, has been so good to me! More than 40,000 miles together and rarely a problem. That’s a … [Read more...]

Want Some Swag??

We are SO excited to announce our upcoming #takeahike challenge starting June 6th! It was a big hit last year and is going to be SO much bigger this year. We have over $4000 in gear to give away, tee shirts, water bottles and a whole lot of people … [Read more...]

Product Review- Alps Mountaineering Sleeping Pad

Review of the ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Series Air Pad – Double This review of the ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight pad is produced in collaboration with, where James and his team review and rate airbeds and pads.  A few words … [Read more...]

Outfitting Kids for Hiking and Camping

It’s finally here! Spring and then summer and hiking and camping and all things outdoors. After a long winter, we are more than ready to get out in nature as much as possible (without having to wrestle everyone into snow suits).   This is the … [Read more...]

Celebrate Kids to Parks Day! + Baby Bjorn Giveaway

This year is BIG in our National Parks as we celebrate the centennial, but there are many events leading up to the cumulation at the end of the summer. I am very excited about Kids to Parks Day, happening on Saturday, May 21st. As you know, our … [Read more...]

Gearing up for Picnic Season + PlanetBox Giveaway

One of the joys of warmer weather is being able to eat outdoors. We do it as often as possible for various reasons: Less mess inside (this one gets at least ten gold stars for the very sake of making life easier for me!) More fresh air outside A … [Read more...]