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Pines & Palms Giveaway

  It’s time for a        It’s been a while since I’ve hosted one, so dust off your keyboards and enter this great giveaway from   Pines & Palms is a children’s adventure apparel brand that seeks to … [Read more...]

Hydrating for Extreme Adventure

Altitude and cold combine to accelerate dehydration. || Image by Shutterstock Headaches, nausea, and confusion are wearing you down and you can’t continue. “I have to turn back,” you mumble, calling an end to your bucket-list adventure trip. Months … [Read more...]

Fighting the Mid-Winter Blahs + Coupon Code

Fighting the Mid-Winter Blahs + Coupon Code | Amelia I am just about 38 weeks pregnant and have been on-guard for a premie baby for 7 weeks now due to dilating early. So thankful that it looks like we may make it full-term, but the mind games are … [Read more...]

Fat Biking for Kids + TykesBykes Review and *Giveaway*

Fat Biking for Kids + TykesBykes Review and *Giveaway* | Amelia We ar all about encouraging our kids (and ourselves) to try new things on a regular basis. Easier said than done, but a good way to not get stuck in a rut. This winter J (aged *almost* … [Read more...]

Winter Plans Fizzle + Tasc Performance

Winter Plans Fizzle Ever get excited about the upcoming season only to have it turn out completely opposite of how you imagined it? That’s exactly what has happened with all my plans for this winter. Because we didn’t have any out of town … [Read more...]

O.F.F. Oakiwear Winter Gear

O.F.F. Oakiwear Winter Gear | Amelia **We’re bringing it back!!** O.F.F. = Outdoor Fashion Friday.  Our (almost) weekly segment featuring our favorite styles for the season. Everything I share are pieces that can be worn all day long and stand … [Read more...]

From farm to my table: Sun Basket (really) delivered

Whoa! This is one product review I’d like to volunteer to do over and over. Sun Basket was that good! That it included food delivered to my door…score! Eating healthy is an integral part of a comprehensive fitness plan, yet it is often the most … [Read more...]

Backyard Snow Cave Camping + Solo Stove Review

Backyard Snow Cave Camping + Solo Stove Review | Amelia One of the things I love most about my husband is that he isn’t afraid to get the kids out – in fact, he thrives on it. Right now I am getting out as much as I can, but it really … [Read more...]