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Stashing essential gear is a easy with Survival Puck

The full line of Survival PucksIf you are anything like me you probably have a ton of “useful items” stashed in your vehicle, the nightstand, or the small side pocket of your day pack.  A small lock blade pocket knife, a Bic lighter, maybe even a headlamp could be found in the glove box of just about any vehicle driven by an experienced outdoor enthusiast.

But do you carry everything you might need?

It wasn’t until I reviewed the Survival Puck that I realized there are a TON of small lightweight tools – or better yet “solutions” – that I should be carrying if I really wanted to be prepared for anything.

A Survival Puck for every occasion

The team at Innovation Industries started with a simple desire to centralize all the odds and ends that outdoor lovers transfer from one pack to another as they transition from one activity to another.  David Bailie, creator of the Survival Pucks, faced the same issue that a lot of us do.

“I have a pack for day hikes, another for mountain biking, another for back packing, and yet another in my rig if I get stranded some were. I’ll take a pack to a music festival or kayaking with friends as well..

I had various zip lock bags that I would swap from one bag to another and was always adding and removing items from those bags depending on what I was doing, the weather, time of year, were I was going and who I was with. The bags and contents quickly get beat up and tended to look the same and I lost track of what I had in what.”

David Bailie – creator of Survival Pucks

Why not create a system that would allow them to easily switch gears and not leave out a critical piece of gear?

Their answer to this question is quite ingenious.  Here are the six Survival Pucks that they currently offer:


EssentialsThis may be the most versatile Survival Puck containing a lock-blade knife, flashlight, lighter, whistle, compass, and even some Duct Tape!  Stash one in your camping gear kit. But there is even more.

Check out the full list of contents.

First Aid

First AidBandages, wound closures, gauze, swabs, alcohol wipes, latex gloves, and antibiotic ointment.  The First Aid Survival Puck is a great start for anyone that wants to build a comprehensive first aid kit that is compact.

See what else it contains.


MedicineThe Medicine Survival Puck includes electrolyte replacements, antihistamine, antacid, menstrual pain relief, ointments, a even a small vial to store your own medications.  If you have kids, this Survival Puck is a necessity.  

Check it out.


FireThe Fire Survival Puck doesn’t offer every fire starting option but rather focuses on a more targeted approach with 2 small Bic lighters, a handful of Esbit tablets, and a few additional items to make building a fire a no-brainer.

Take a look.


WaterWith the Water Survival Puck you can collect, filter, purify, and carry water in an emergency situation. They’ve even included a drinking tube to make the use even more practical.  This Survival Puck should be in everyone’s kit.

View the full list.


LightThere are thousands of reason to carry the Light Survival Puck.  If you need light, this kit will give you three options: 2 mini LED flashlights, a Bic lighter, and four 5 Hour Candles.  This could be very valuable for anyone living in areas prone to storms or power outages.

View the kit.

Want to win some Survival Pucks?

Now’s your chance!  Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win.

Here is what we have up for grabs:

  • First Place – winner gets 3 Survival Pucks of their choice
  • Second Place – winner gets 2 Survival Pucks of their choice
  • Third Place – winner gets 1 Survival Puck of their choice

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