Diaper bags are changing the adventure of parenthood

Diaper bags are one of those things that every new mom decides she absolutely needs….and then often ends up in the back of a closet because it isn’t as functional as she wanted or her carefully planned baby organization goes out the window.

Not to mention that after the kids are out of diapers, the bag becomes immediately worthless.  Consignment stores are jam-packed with them.  Apparently, no one wants to keep on carrying that bag (that is obviously for diapers and nothing else.)

The whole family getting out for a ski (kids comfy in Chariot) with the Geigerrig Mom Pack

The whole family getting out for a ski (kids comfy in Chariot) with the Geigerrig Mom Pack

But, the whole role of being a mom and what that means is changing.  Moms are getting outside more with their kids for the benefit of the whole family.  Moms are wearing babies, packing babies and staying busy…even with babies.  No longer is a “stay at home mom” literally spending most of her day at home.   The good news is that the kids are benefitting from more fresh air, more exercise and the fact that their caretakers are healthier and happier too.  It’s a perfect balance.

With the steady rise of the “adventure” parent comes a rise in gear for getting those families out easier.  As a mom myself, I love watching all the great contraptions pop up all over the place, especially in the past five years or so.  The older generation (Grandmas and Grandpas) often comments on how they wish they had that ______  (Chariot CTS, Deuter Kid Carrier, Piggyback Rider etc. etc.) when their own children were small.   Finally the “cool” mom has the functional gear, not the fashionable gear.   Life is easier for everyone.

And yet, while diaper bags continue to be improved and changed (even if it is just the fabric) the new Geigerrig diaper bag backpack, called the RIG MOM, is the first one I have seen that is truly multifunctional for around the home, traveling AND out on the trail.   It doesn’t look like a diaper bag (though I know many would love to see a more “neutral” pattern) and it’s built well enough to wear all day long. The use is perfect for both parents hauling baby gear and someone who just wants to be more organized.

When I wear the Mom’s Pack with kids in tow, the pockets are stuffed with snacks for them, toys and smaller water bottles.  When I wear it for my own use (it’s great for cross country skiing because of the “garages” to keep the hoses from freezing), I take the changing pad out and stuff it instead with my extra gear and snacks for me.  The whole family (or group) benefits from the Geigerrig hydration system.  It’s a well-built backpack with the benefit of some “diaper bag perks” that you can’t find in other adventure packs (insulated pockets, changing pad, hydration system protected from dirt and colder temperatures.)

Kids love to be outside adventuring - and diaper bags need to be able to keep up!

Kids love to be outside adventuring – and diaper bags need to be able to keep up!

And so the opportunity is here.  Life with young children can be a challenge enough as it is – this pack makes it just a little easier (and allows for kids to grow up too and the gear to stick around.)  As every parent hears, “you only get these years for a limited amount of time” – get out there and make them an adventure!

You can learn more about the Geigerrig Mom Pack here including in-depth gear reviews, an informative video, and full image gallery. Trail Sherpa is also offering a special 45% discount on the RIG MOM. Get the code now!

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