The Badass Day Hiker’s Gear List

Day Hiking Checklist

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Who doesn’t love a great gear list!  Well this one is designed specifically for day hikers and includes not only the gear you should consider but also spaces to add your own items.

Feel free to print this day hiker’s gear list and use it for your next big day hike.

We set out to create a guide on how to hike like a badass and this gear checklist was a necessity.

I was able to draw on my experiences as a day hiker and created the first draft by laying out all the gear that I take with me on my big day hikes.  I put that initial list in front of a few of our Sherpas and then polished it into the finished list you see here.

If you’d like a gear list for an overnight trip or multi-day backpacking trip you should check out our gear lists for hiking the Narrows in Zion and for the Havasu Falls backpacking trip.

This day hiker’s gear list is by no means exhaustive.  I am sure there are things that you will want to add so I’ve included a few spaces in each section so you can add your own.

One of the things I’ve always considered on big day hikes is the possibility that it could turn into an overnight if an injury or getting lost became a reality.  Many of my friends hit the trail with just a pack, some water, and a little food.

It’s not until you hear a story about a hiker meeting their end in a sudden weather shift or finding themselves in a situation that they are not skilled enough to handle that you can truly appreciate the role that planning and preparedness plays in safely exploring the wilds.

Do you have suggestions for the day hiker’s gear list?

We’ll consider additions to this list if you have suggestions.  Share your suggestions in the comments and we’ll make periodic updates to the checklist.

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