How To: Create a Gear Review

You’ve successfully landed a gear sponsor and now it’s time to create your gear review.  That is the trade off isn’t it?  With Sherpa Sites, gear reviews are easy.

We’ve built a custom post template into each Sherpa Site that allows you to create beautiful gear reviews in just a few simple steps.

Here’s a step by step tutorial to help you build your first Gear Review.

Gear Reviews are different than Posts and Pages

You’ve already created the pages on your site and published your first posts.  The process for creating a gear review is very similar but Gear Reviews live on their own admin menu.

Access your admin dashboard and look for Reviews on the left sidebar – click “Add New”:

Reviews on Admin dashThe new review edit page should look very similar to that of a new post or page.  Give your review a title and create the body of your review just like you would for a blog post.

Special fields for Gear Reviews

But some of the elements are different.  The custom template for a Gear Review includes some new fields, ones that are specific to the Gear that you’ve tested.  Fill in all of these fields:

The fields unique to reviewsThese fields are used to categorize your review with other reviews that are similar to it.  The inputs for these fields are used in the box that is placed prominently near the top of your review.  It helps the reader easily scan the broad strokes of your review.  The Rating is rendered as a set of stars based on your assigned value.

You will also need to complete these fields which are included in the details box on the top of your review.  Readers will appreciate knowing the limits that existed during your testing as well as the terrain and conditions that the gear was tested on.

Additional fields for completionThe Bottom Line

Once you’ve completed all of the above fields, along with the title and the body of your review, there is only one field that remains – The Bottom Line.  We feel strongly about a candid and thorough assessment for gear that you test.  Use the Bottom Line field to give your readers a short and concise summary of your overall thoughts for the gear and how it tested.  The Bottom Line is presented on the review in a prominent way near the bottom of the review.  This will be your parting shot and often the last thing that the reader sees before they move on.

Just like with the body of your review, the box for The Bottom Line allows you to format your content in numerous ways.  Use the editor to give your bottom line the formatting that you want.

The finished product

When you publish your review it should give your readers a detailed commentary on your efforts to test the gear as well as a sound analysis of your findings.  This is what it will look like:

Sample Review


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