Flexible/Device-Responsive Image Sliders for your Sherpa Site

“Device-Reponsive” means that these sliders will scale down to fit whatever you are viewing it on, ipad, itouch, cell phone,etc.

Sherpa Sites comes preloaded with 2 Device-Reponsive image slider/rotation options:

WP Rotator PLUS Flex Slider for WP Rotator
Read a tutorial for here: WP Rotator PLUS Flex Slider for WP Rotator

Genesis Responsive Slider

  1. Go to Plug-ins and activate Genesis Responsive Slider
  2. Decide what sort of items you want to include in your slider: posts? pages? rotator items?
    Each post or page you want to include will need a Featured Image that corresponds to the overall size of your slider:

    1. Go to Set Featured Image on the right and add your Rotator image there > Save as Featured Image.
  3. Go to Genesis>Slider Settings
    Here is where you will find the size and timing of your slider, as well as other options. There are many different ways you can define where your slider pulls from. It can be posts, pages, products, trails, reviews, etc. You can specify a single category within that selection, or include/exclude based on post or page ID. The granularity is extensive. This slider also allow you to have excerpts or content displayed right in your slider.

The slider you choose will depend on the needs of your site. If you are looking for a content or product rotation, Genesis Responsive Slider is you best bet. For simple image rotation with or without click thru, WP rotator has fewer bells and whistles, but may be an simpler option.

The choice is yours!

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