Editing your Sherpa Sites Homepage (Backcountry, GearJunkie, Seasons)

Now that you have your fancy new Sherpa Site Pro site, you may have noticed that your site is already populated with quite a bit of content on the homepage, mainly articles to help you get started. In all likelihood you don’t want those as permanent elements. Here is how to get rid of them or edit them.

All of the items you see on the home page above the standard blog format come from Widgets. To access this area, go to:


There you will see several boxes in the middle with different titles and a right sidebar; Header Right, Primary Sidebar, etc. Some of those, such as the 2 just mentioned will appear on all pages across your site. However, the ones labeled “Home Top”, “Home Top Left” etc… are the sections on you home page. The illustration below shows were each element will show up.


YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE ALL OR ANY OF THESE ELEMENTS! Just leave any blank you don’t want to use. However, if you are going to use Home Left, you should probably plan to use Home Right as well. Same goes for the Home Top Left/Mid/Right set.  You see you have the option to use full width, 2 side by side and/or 3 side by side. You can use these rows in any combination.

At the bottom (gray area in the illustration) is the content that will be pulled either directly from your posts or from a static page, this can be set in Settings>Reading (see below). There you can chose posts or select a static page and display that content. Your sidebar will be dependent on what you have selected you main theme layout (Genesis>Theme Settings)

If you want no page or blog content, just widgets, on your homepage create a blank page with a full width layout (you can override your main layout choice on a per page/post level, see below) and select that blank page in Settings>Reading.

There are MANY options already loaded for what you can display in the widgets on your home page: image rotators, galleries, sliders, recent blog posts, page or rss feeds, subscription sign ups, forms, menus, lists, products, user profiles, comments, tag clouds, and of course text widgets where you can utilize short codes, php and html. The possibilities are endless!

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