Setting Email on Your Sherpa Site

Q: Once I’ve mapped my domain (ex:, can I have email addresses at my domain (ex:

A: You bet! We can help you set up email on your Sherpa Site.

When we set up your hosting, you will automatically be able to create multiple accounts for email on your Sherpa Site. You can create them yourself though your cpanel or we can create them for you.

We will need access to your DNS record to repoint the mail to your new IP address. If you know how to do this you are welcome to do so, if not, we are happy to do it for you.

You will need to know:

  • Where your domain is hosted (where did you originally buy your url from?) If you already have a website, it may be where your site is currently hosted, but it may not be. If you can’t remember try typing your url into the whois search at, towards the bottom of the results you should see a paragraph for domain servers looking something like this:Domain servers in listed order:
    NS2.GODADDY.COMThis should help track down who is your domain host. In this instance it appears to be
  • Your username and password to access that account.

Once we have that information we can access your account to repoint your mail to your new Sherpa Sites hosting. Done!

You can set up your email as you normally would or access your account online.

IMPORTANT! Before you make the email switch you should make a backup of any emails you currently have in your active account, as those will not be transferred in the switch.

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