Two Days of Rock and Roll (day 1)

Serious play on words, but I’ve never seen so many big ROCKS before in my life, and I saw them all as I was ROLLING down the road. Well, I hiked to some, but I had to roll to get there. Thus the title of this post.

I saw so many amazing sights in two days time that I’ve struggled with getting this post live. After tackling the huge task of whittling down my choices I realized that there are still more images than I can possibly share in one post so you’re getting it in two.

I’m back tracking a little because some of these rocks were between Fort Collins and Estes Park. While driving through the mountains in Colorado I couldn’t help but look up and wonder what kept the rocks on some of the sheer canyon walls from coming down. Some perched so precariously it was a miracle they were still in place. There’s no shortage of rocks (big and small) laying along the road either, which got me thinking… Surely falling rocks cause fatalities every year. I’ll be darned if I can find a statistic on it though.

Red Rocks, a concert venue just outside of Denver… speaking of Rock and Roll! What an amazing setting catching your favorite bands live, and I understand the acoustics are fantastic as well. Jazzy and Sadie drew the attention of these lovely young ladies. They were so sweet and youthful and full of life. As we parted I couldn’t help but hope that each one of them finds a way to hold onto that perspective and those smiles throughout their lives.



This waterwheel, which sits right along Interstate 70 in Idaho Springs, caught my eye both times I made the eastbound trip between Breckenridge and the Denver area. With no chance to stop during those trips I vowed to find it on my next trip through. I got a kick out of part of the inscription on the plaque displayed at the site; “Charlie Tayler used this waterwheel to power a stamp mill at his gold mining operations on the Ute Creek. Tayler, who attributed his good health to the fact that he never kissed women or took baths…”















And a quick stop in Silverthorne to get a shot of yet another interesting piece of “Ice Art”. Folks were paying to walk around inside of this thing!

Next stop was Steamboat Springs for the final few days of my winter shoot in Colorado. While there I met some wonderful people and their well loved dogs, and some other fun animals as well.















I think the girls enjoyed the snow every bit as much as they did the beach. I hope they got their fill because we won’t be seeing any more of it for awhile. (Back to the beach before long though!!)










































From Steamboat I set out for Moab with the intention of seeing a bit of eastern Utah on my way back to Sedona. Once again I was amazed at the ever changing landscape as I drove. As I entered Utah I opted to ignore the GPS guided route I ventured off on a road far less traveled. Hwy 128 led me past the tiny little empty town of Cisco, along the Colorado River, and past Dewey Bridge. This old bridge, built in 1916, was designed to support the weight of 6 horses, 3 wagons and 6000 pounds of freight. The plaque said it was restored in 2000. Out of curiosity I did a search to find out what happened to it since. According to a report a seven year old boy playing with matches in a nearby campground started a fire that moved up the riverbank and destroyed the bridge’s wooden deck and rails.

Judging by the complete lack of traffic on this highway I’m guessing this gorgeous drive is not seen by many.

Speaking of falling rocks! Clearly they fall!!!

And just to give you some perspective on size...

My first attempt at stitching in PhotoShop... four images combined.

At the end of the highway I turned right and made a bee-line into Arches National Park just in time to catch some of the unbelievable scenery before dark. Not nearly long enough, but  magical just the same.

Although I understand the hike is quite amazing, this is as close as I had time to get to Delicate Arch

And last but surely not least... Landscape Arch

And if you think that’s some amazing scenery, wait until you see day two! Coming soon… I promise!! Right now my focus is on getting back to Dallas for my daughter’s spring break. Nearly 700 miles to cover in two days. Doesn’t seem like much, but I assure you it’s a long haul in a big RV! I should make Amarillo before dark. Amazing to think it’s been almost six months to the day since I set out on this journey. It makes me smile to remember I took off down the highway singing “Amarillo By Morning”. And it puts an even bigger smile on my face to know I’m going to see my girl by tomorrow night!


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