Rocky Mountain High

I have been working my way through the mountains of Colorado for more than two weeks now, traveling over six hundred miles of scenic highways in every kind of weather. Again I find myself short of words to describe the majestic beauty I’m witnessing. There is someone who had all the right words though, an artist who undoubtedly influenced and inspired me in my younger years, John Denver. One of my favorites… Rock Mountain High

I shared the first few days of my trip (into Durango) in “The Mountains Beckon” me last week, and since then I’ve taken in a lot of amazing scenery, met lots of great people, and photographed a tremendous number of dogs.  I’m moving from town to town at a pretty good clip, only because I’ve got so much ground to cover and I do want to see a bit more of Utah before moving on to Texas in time for my daughter’s spring break. That said, blogging has not been a priority and I now have an overwhelming number of images and tales to share.

From Durango I headed to Telluride. I fell in love with this place years ago on a ski trip, and was thrilled to make my way back up this beautiful box canyon and find the town hadn’t changed a bit. Still small and quaint and not a McDonalds or Chili’s or Starbucks in sight.

I did take advantage of one day on the slopes while there and couldn’t have asked for better conditions!

Couldn't help but stop for some shots from the slopes!


Dogs are allowed on designated gondolas, so of course I had to take the girls to the top!

All an act. This cat was clearly NOT afraid of my tail waggin' mutts! 🙂

No shortage of dogs in Telluride and all I had to do was step out my back door and walk along the river trail or stroll a couple blocks to the main street to find them. And Jennifer Metzger of Mountain Tails helped me round up a few more, but I don’t have space to share these delightful canine’s in this post. I did take a side trip to see the “Winter Moon Sled Dogs”, and was thoroughly entertained by the “exuberance” displayed by three teams of dogs being prepped for the trail. They were clearly excited about the task ahead and vocalized it with yips and howls and barks. Once the three teams and their passengers were around the bend in the trail the silence on this snow filled morning was amazing!

This method of handling the dogs on their back feet while hooking them up was referred to as "putting them in two wheel drive". They are strong and eager, and this way they have less traction.

I think my girls were overwhelmed by all the yipping and howling as the teams were readying for the trail ahead.

And onward toward Aspen…

Unusual ice formation in Redstone

My new friend Elissa and her dog Teddy playing on a hill above Aspen


After a few days in the Aspen area I headed down the highway toward Vail. I mentioned the beautiful canyon between Aspen and Vail in one of my very first posts. What I have now discovered is that it is truly breathtaking any time of year! Unfortunately, even in my car there are few places to pull off and capture the beauty. I may have to hike it when I come back next summer!

The beautiful Colorado River

Sharing one more favorite from the brilliant singer and songwriter, John Denver. Annie’s Song


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