Wave on Wave


That title is multipurpose, but as long as I’m using it I have to share one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists, Pat Green. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJWnIFlYKjs

I’ve spent a lot of time the last few months along the Pacific Coastline, from the northern tip of Washington to San Diego. This is home. I would never grow tired of watching and listening to the surf. I was telling a friend the other day that I never feel more at peace, more grounded spiritually, than when I am walking through a cathedral of trees, or standing by the ocean.

All along the shore there was an abundance of marine life and shore birds, all so fun to watch. I was particularly tickled to see lots of dolphin and several whale, most too far off shore to get any good images.

That's a dolphin tail at the top of the wave to the left.

While walking the dogs one morning I came upon this pelican. My approach when photographing wildlife (except the kind that can hurt you) is to get a shot and move closer for another and closer… until they bolt. The closer I got to this guy the more I thought something wasn’t right with him. One more step and he took a couple hops and fell over. I couldn’t see anything wrong with him, but he was clearly not well. I reported him to the park ranger and then helped him wrangle the poor bird and get him in his truck. He was taken to a lady who rehabilitates shore birds. I hope he’s ok.

One difficulty is that dogs are not allowed on many of the beaches in California so I have research before stepping out the door where the dog friendly beaches are. One very helpful website is  www.dogfriendly.com which lists such things as accommodations, beaches, parks, and cafes where dogs are welcome. This particular beach required that dogs be on a leash no more than 6′ long and under their owners control. Once out of site and on a quiet day I let Jazzy and Sadie roam leashed to each other (tandem lead that the leash attaches to) figuring I could wiggle my way out of a ticket by explaining that they were on a leash and under my control. They have enjoyed the beach so much and I’m sure they’ll miss it as much as I will.

I scored a great site on a bluff overlooking Malibu Beach and enjoyed beautiful sunrises and sunsets right through my windshield. The sunset below is from that very park. www.maliburv.com for those interested.

The words “wave on wave” came to mind as I was navigating Zippy and The Beast through LA area traffic for two and a half hours yesterday too. WAVES of fast moving, constantly merging, hell-bent-on-getting-somewhere kind of traffic. Most people cringe at the idea of driving a car through greater LA. I’m dragging 52 feet of metal down these highways! I’m completely confident in my driving abilities, but I’m constantly anticipating what kind of stupid maneuvers everyone around me might do, like the dope who nosed 3 or 4 feet of his front end into the oncoming lane preparing to make a turn on the narrow, fast moving Pacific Coast Hwy, and it was me… in The Beast… pulling Zippy… who was oncoming!!! Not enough time to stop, and traffic to my right. All I could do was lay on the horn (more as a warning to everyone else!), muscle the traffic to the right of me over and throw up a prayer. It’s a miracle I didn’t hit the guy, and it would not have been pretty! That was only 10 miles into my route. Every muscle in my body was clenched the entire drive. So… as much as I’ll miss the coast, I will NOT miss the traffic!

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the west coast it has been such a pleasure to see many dear and wonderful friends along the way, and meet several new friends as well. So many waves (and hugs) hello followed by waves (and hugs) goodbye. My friend Christi asked me the other day if I ever feel lonely out here. My answer was “Never more so than after I’ve been with friends.” But time with friends, old and new, is one of those gifts in life, and a part of the bountiful blessings I intend to enjoy along the way. And the moments and memories are like precious little gems I get to carry along with me on my journey!

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