Introducing a Fellow "Journeyer"…

Friends… this morning I met (virtually) a fellow journeyer I’d like to introduce. His name is Ara Gureghian and he travels with his dog Spirit. I think my letter to him might be the best form of introduction. After reading it I’m sure you will find his blog very interesting as well, and a much deeper introduction to the man and his journey.

Hello Ara. A friend and fellow photographer, Michael Lloyd, sent me the link to your blog not long after I embarked on a journey somewhat similar to your own. Let’s just say my “journey of discovery”, as I call it, reminded him of you and your blog which I believe he follows rather regularly. I looked at it briefly then, promising myself I’d get back for more viewing when I had time. I was (and still am) trying to settle into a rhythm that allows me more time for such things as “cruising the web” for items of interest. For the most part my days are pretty full of driving, exploring, shooting, sorting and editing, blogging, emailing and other business stuff, and visiting with friends (old and new). Right now I am blessed to have my beautiful daughter visiting me from Texas. My journey has me in the San Diego area right now so this is where I flew her for a bit of her winter break from UNT. She’s a sleeper, this one, and has given me reason to hide from the coastal chill under the covers with my laptop. Quiet time, with one web page leading to another I finally got back to my archived page of your blog. This morning I was able to dig deeper, and not only follow a bit of your journey but more importantly learn how and why your journey began. First of all, and I know you’ve heard it thousands of times by now, I am terribly sorry for the painful loss of your beautiful son Lance. Reading of this made me ache tremendously for you. There are no words that could ever come close to healing that void for you, especially from a complete stranger, but yet I have to say you have touched me with your story. I read about Lance in your annual memorials and beyond while my precious 19 year old lay softly snoring next to me. I have often thought over the years that I never knew real fear until the day my child was born. As a parent, with those protective nurturing instincts, fear never really leaves us. It lingers… sometimes close and often in the distance… but it is always there. The closest I come to understanding your pain is “imagining” the unbearable anguish if something were ever to happen to my girl. I honestly don’t feel I could survive such a thing. One thing I do understand is just how precious time is. We will never recoup a single moment that has gone by, making it all the more important to truly live our lives… to the best… to the fullest. All the more important too, to learn as early as possible in life what is important and what is not. Sadly, it is not until we reach a certain stage in life that we even bother to reflect on that. As I write this letter to you I am inspired to finish a blog post I started some time ago… explaining my journey, and more importantly what inspired me to follow this path. Each time I try to write about it my thoughts wander so deep. How far back do I go? I’m not even sure when the “tugging” began. I just know that the desire for change has grown stronger with each passing year. I just wanted to introduce myself, and to say thank you for inspiring me all the more. I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to introduce you and Spirit to my blog followers, and to pay tribute to your beautiful and brave son, Lance. I hope that our paths might cross one day Ara. Clearly we’ve traveled many of the same roadways! Stay strong and enjoy the blessings as they come! 

Since I don’t have permission to use his images I can’t share any of his pictures in my post, so instead… and since I simply can’t do a post without at least ONE image… I’ll share just a couple from my first day with Elissa in San Diego. Time is precious folks! Cherish every moment with those you love, and get out and LIVE the day!!


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