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It’s rare that I make a New Year’s resolution, I guess because I tend to make resolutions on a rather regular basis throughout the year and do my best to stick to them. This “New Year’s resolution” is simply a matter of timing. I’ve been full time in my RV for four months now, and on the move most of that time. I’m still trying to work out the kinks… organizing in particular. I plan to spend one day this week pulling everything out of the “cubbies” (storage places under the bed, beneath the dinette seats, and the compartments in the “belly of the beast”), reorganizing (and further purging) and then making a detailed list of where everything is which I will adhere to the back of a cupboard door. I’m tired of digging to find things. As I’ve stated before, everything had its place for 14+ years. Now everything has to be stowed or stow-able, and some of it’s buried deep.

Another really drastic change brought on by this HUGE transition in my life is my workout routine. I resolved MANY years ago to get my weight in check and take control of keeping my body fit and healthy. It was a strong resolve, and I’ve managed to maintain both my weight and body condition most of my adult life. My routine has always been fairly basic, the key being it was a routine I stuck to. I ran about 2 miles 3-4 days a week, followed by crunches, push ups and squats, and on the off days I spent roughly 30 minutes lifting weights at the gym. Nothing fancy, but enough for me to feel good and fit. Another point… I rarely had need to get on the scale. I could tell by how my clothing fit if I needed to cut back on the calorie intake or boost up the routine a bit.

Well… my routine went out the window the moment I went into contract on the sale of my house. The next seven weeks were a flurry of activity… with plenty of calories burned and no shortage of heavy weight lifting (boxes and furniture). I’m sure I dropped a few pounds going through all of that in the sweltering 107 degree Texas heat! Then I hit the road. No more gym memberships and the dogs, who used to run each other around our two acre property, now have to be walked a few times a day. They have adapted to leash etiquette quite nicely but running with the two of them in tow is not easy. I was sure I had gained a good ten pounds because my blue jeans, which normally fit me so well, were feeling quite snug. After ringing in the new year in the middle of the desert (with no internet and therefore no blogging… sorry) I hopped on the scale last night. Up only 5 lbs from my target weight thank goodness, which means that it’s really the simple fact that I’ve gone soft and “flubbery” from too many hours sitting behind the wheel of The Beast. Sooooo… my resolution is to find a new workout routine that does not involve going to the gym and is very doable wherever I am. I’ll be blogging about the routine as it developes and the results as well.

No post would be complete without some cool pics. I spent Christmas day with my friend Eric. He has an uncle and aunt buried at Cabrillo Memorial Cemetery in San Diego, so we went by to pay our respects and spent the rest of our day enjoying gourmet munchies, a walk and a beautiful sunset on the beach.

The tide was out and the tide pools were full of interesting sea life!

The girls had to stay on leash, but enjoyed the show!

I took Zippy and The Beast to Anzo Borrego Desert to ring in the New Year with my friends Lisa and Amy (both photographers) and met a bunch of their friends. This is the most “off road” Zippy AND The Beast have been.

The Beast... WAY off-road!

Zippy in particular outdid herself off-roading to the Borrego Badlands with the “big boys”!

Borrego Badlands... Wow!


And Zippy got us there! The ruts were so deep I had to drive up this hill with 2 tires on the center and two on the left edge. Go Zippy!

The heavy layer of dust in the air is from the THOUSANDS of ATVers who swarm to the area in droves!

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