Yosemite Valley is one of those places that should be on everyone’s bucket list. I have been there several times over the years but each time I enter the valley it is as if it’s the first time, as it never fails to take my breath away. No artist, no matter how good, could possibly compete with the wonders of nature. This world of ours in one amazing and very diverse piece of art. As I ponder this idea, and think about this “journey of discovery” I am on, I see myself standing before a very large piece of art in a gallery. As I stand there my eyes move from one fascinating detail to another, and the longer I look the deeper I am drawn. This artist is a true MASTER… using every medium imaginable… creating brilliant color and subtle hues… using light and shadow to bring out depth and texture that could never be fully reproduced by another. THIS is ART!!

Yosemite was a must on my journey, and I anxiously anticipated laying eyes on this valley for the first time in the winter. I imagined a winter wonderland. Unfortunately the snow gods did not see fit to lay out their beautiful white blanket before my arrival. I admit to feeling a bit disappointed because I had hoped to do a little cross country skiing, and/or try snow shoeing for the first time while here. Regardless, we had one marvelous day of hiking in one of the most glorious places on earth.

[One side note to those traveling with their dogs… the trail maps you can pick up in the valley, as well as the large trail maps you’ll find in many of the parking lots, do NOT designate what trails dogs are allowed on. Not until you reach a trailhead will you find a “no dogs” symbol posted. This can be mighty frustrating when you’ve hiked a mile to get to the trailhead with your dogs in tow. I did find a helpful trail guide online that indicates what trails are pet friendly. http://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/valleyhikes.htm]

Arriving from the south via Hwy 41. Just on the other side of this tunnel is one of the most spectacular views of the valley.

El Capitan with Half Dome hiding in the background. 

I didn’t get the vast snowy landscape I was hoping for, but I did find some little frozen gems along the way. 


Me and my roadies enjoying the day…

 Love the texture of this tree bark……and the heart on El Capitan…The forest really is enchanted! I half expected to see this tree start moving in my direction! 🙂

This guy brought to mind that old camp song, “Up in the woods, I saw a bear, the bear saw me, oh way up there…” 🙂And the day ends in glorious hues…






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