I can't believe it's Christmas!

I’m anchored in the warm sunny desert just outside of Temecula CA (a little more than an hour northeast of San Diego). I’m boon-docked actually, which means I’m not plugged into anything… sewer, water or electricity. The Beast is pretty self contained, so that works ok for awhile in a mild climate like this. I just have to run the generator from time to time… to make coffee, charge my laptop, run the microwave, or in the case of this morning, to charge the “house” batteries. They are what all the little things run on… lights, clocks and such. There’s a solar panel on top, but I have no idea how effective it is. I’m learning as I go in this big ‘ol thing.

So, back to Christmas. Two days ago I was tromping around Yosemite in a down parka (wait ’til you see THOSE pics!) and now it’s capri’s and a t-shirt. That doesn’t FEEL like Christmas to me. In addition, I don’t know that I’ll ever get used to being away from family during the holidays. I miss my daughter, Elissa, greatly but am happy to have her coming for a visit next week. To all of my family… I want you to know that although I’m more than a thousand miles away, my heart is there among you this day and always. I do get to share today with some special friends, and for that I am grateful!

To the rest of you friends and blog followers, I bear no gifts but I do have new images to share! Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, and wishes for a New Year filled with abundant blessings.

From another day along the coast south of Half Moon Bay…

Textures in the sand…

Happy dogs! 🙂

Nothing like sunset on the Pacific Coast!

A day in San Francisco…

Shot from the Golden Gate Bridge. Quite a hike, over and back!

In Golden Gate Park..

Baker Beach…

And my favorite places in San Francisco, The Palace of Fine Arts…

Interesting contrast in architecture. Shot while navigating the streets of San Francisco. 🙂

I’ve never left my heart there but I have to say it’s a great city!

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