With Heartfelt Thanks…

While on my recent business trip to Dallas I spent time with some very special people, dear friends who have been a part of my life in the best and worst of times. Most recently they were there to pitch in during the grueling and overwhelming task of moving off my property in Frisco Texas during a record breaking heatwave. I should back up and describe in more detail for those who don’t really know me. Home for the last fourteen + years was a sizable house on two acres where I designed and built my photography studio.

I’ll get back to my reasons for leaving it all behind, but the time came upon me rapidly when my daughter graduated from high school and prepared to head off to college. I went into contract with the buyers of my home in early June and had about 7 weeks to purge my life of most of my possessions, close my business and get off my property. I could not possibly have managed this without the help of my brother Andrew, my daughter Elissa, and some very special friends (some of whom are pictured below)… Diane, Janice, Brandi, Audrey, Glen, JP, Cindy and Julia in particular. Thank you all once again! It was great to see many of you during my recent trip to Dallas, and I hope to see each and every one of you when my journey takes me back through Texas!

Thanks for the use of the “chick” pics Diane. From my “farewell night on the town”… Diane and Audrey to the left of me and Liddie and Brandi to the right.

Fun night out with Audrey, Diane and Liddie on my recent trip.

My beautiful bunch of girl friends… Janice, Julie, Diane, Brandi and Johnda.
My amazing, beautiful and somewhat silly girl Elissa.

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