Where Am I?

Seriously! Sometimes I literally wake up asking myself that question. Only while my brain is still in a bit of a fog of course, but it does happen. Since my last post I had the pleasure of my daughter’s company in the San Francisco bay area for Thanksgiving. The visit was not nearly long enough for me, and I have to admit I was terribly sad when I had to put her back on a plane to Texas. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with our dear friend Mindy and her family and covered a lot of ground together, from the east bay to Santa Cruz, Monterey, Half Moon Bay, Pacifica and San Francisco. We did a lot of walking, talking, and… no surprise… picture taking! I can’t think of a more lovely subject than my girl. After Elissa’s departure I decided to take some quiet time and stay along the coast for another day or two before setting out again. As it turned out a big wind storm blasted though the bay area about the time I intended to leave. The 50+ mph gusts downed trees and prompted special advisories for those driving high profile vehicles. I know from experience how my “Beast” bucks and rocks in the wind, so I chose to sit tight and wait for the storm to pass. It was my good fortune to be camped at Cameron’s in Half Moon Bay. Cameron’s is not only an RV park, but also a Restaurant and Inn (actually better known for the restaurant than the RV park since it is still a work in progress.) I thoroughly  enjoyed getting to know several of the other regular patrons while there. Thanks y’all, for making me feel like part of the family!   The following are shot from the infamous  “Devil’s Slide area. A treacherous part of Highway 1 between Half Moon Bay and Pacifica. Curvy, narrow and known to slip into the sea. I drove it north AND south in The Beast, but went back in the car to find a spot to shoot from. Breathtaking!  

Yesterday I left Jazzy and Sadie in the capable hands of Mindy’s son Ethan and flew to Dallas for the DFW Photo Expo where I’ll be selling and signing my book, The Dogs of Central Park, on Saturday and Sunday from 1-5. www.dfwphotoexpo.com The rest of my visit will be spent visiting friends, finishing up some business, and snagging every spare moment I can with Elissa.

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