Sonoma County

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

As of my last post, I’d arrived in Geyserville at the home of my old high school buddy Star Thorpe. After introducing her two dogs to my two dogs and getting caught up a bit we hopped down the street to where her husband, Steve, was hard at work pouring wine. 🙂 Needless to say it was a pleasant evening. The following day they spoiled me with a guided tour of their beautiful corner of Sonoma County. I could not have planned the route I have taken so far much better. I’ve hit amazing color ever step of the way. Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and now California… all have dazzled me with brilliant Autumn color. The ideal lighting came and went while driving around Sonoma County wine country, but regardless of the light, the vineyards were ablaze with the most amazing variety of color I’ve seen yet!

The wineries added their own dashes of color and architectural elements in their landscaping. A bit of humor thrown in. There are several goats in the background playing poker while this one snaps pics of the tourists going by.

The following morning I ventured out alone… up the Alexander Valley and beyond. I could easily have spent a month winding my way around the backroads of this beautiful county. What I saw in my short stay was amazing beauty and character. I’d love to dig deeper into “life” in this area, and vow to come back when my journey brings me to northern California again.

While driving through Sebastopol to meet a delightful gentleman I’ll introduce soon, I had to take a little side turn on Florence Ave to see the sculptings of Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent. These are clever and colorful larger than life sculptures made of discarded items of all shapes and sizes. The many sculptures on this particular street depict the people who live in these homes, all neighbors to Patrick and Brigitte. VERY fun! I want one!!! 🙂

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