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I had an opportunity to use Rafflecopter recently for a giveaway we were doing on Trail Sherpa to accompany our first gear review of the Geigerrig Hydration System.  The promotion went seamlessly and one lucky hiker walked away with a new Geigerrig pack and hydration engine.  Trail Sherpa got lots of new visitors, increased activity, and a collection of new faces in Connect, our online community for hikers.
Rafflecopter is a very intuitive piece of technology that allows website owners and bloggers to run and manage giveaways that spark engagement for their online property.  The results for our giveaway were fantastic and the entire process went off without a hitch.
I asked Greg Goodson, founder of Rafflecopter, for a little one-on-one time and here’s what we discussed.

What is Rafflecopter and how can it help outdoor bloggers and websites?

Rafflecopter is a web application that allows blogs to run and host giveaways on their website with an embeddable widget. Holding a giveaway can be a pain, especially if you have a ton of entrants. Rafflecopter takes all aspects of running a giveaway that is difficult and makes it easy: from setting them up, keeping track of entries, as well as moderation. Rafflecopter also makes it simple for folks to enter, which in turn increases the amount of entries you might receive.

What inspired you to create Rafflecopter?

Rafflecopter was started after interviewing bloggers for another project we were working on. Realizing that almost everyone was running giveaway promotions through blog commenting, we saw this as an inefficient way to run giveaways from both a blogger and entrant perspective. The opportunity was there to streamline the process, so we decided to give it a shot 🙂

Any plans to integrate more directly with Facebook?  What about Google+?

We’d love to integrate with Facebook as well as Google +. But Rafflecopter was originally created to help bloggers. That said, we’re sticking to perfecting our current application before we start to expand into those areas 🙂

How many giveaways have been powered by your platform?

Many bloggers in different niches have been taking advantage of Rafflecopter; from small businesses with a blog, to mom/parenting blogs, pet blogs, tech blogs, outdoor blogs, etc. At time of this writing, over 40k giveaways have been created using Rafflecopter’s application. We’ve run giveaways with 50 entries all the way up to 150k+ entries 🙂

What’s coming next from Rafflecopter?

We’re getting really close to introducing a new updated version of Rafflecopter that will no longer track entrants by cookies. This will include a sign in system as well as some additional bells and whistles meant to make it even easier for you to track your giveaway.

Final notes

I’d like to thank Greg for walking us through our first giveaway and for sharing details on where their service is headed.  Their app is certainly something we will use again.  We even have it powering a giveaway for one of our Trail Sherpa Design clients right now!  Rafflecopter is set to release the new version of its widget in the coming days.  You can read about here.

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